How To: List Yourself as Husband's Dependent in Philhealth

Are you a stay-at-home like me who used to be employed? Would you want to be included in your husband's list of Philhealth dependents?

For a decade I worked in a corporate setup, had my own Philhealth number and was deducted monthly for premiums. When you have an active Philhealth number, you can't be listed as someone else's dependents. I was not listed as my husband's nor was he listed in mine. When I resigned in 2013, I no longer continued paying for my Philhealth premiums. And now that I'm pregnant, it is imperative that I have myself listed as my husband's dependent so that I can avail of Philhealth's maternity benefits and newborn care package.

Please note that the procedures and requirements I listed are based on my experience as a former employee turned stay-at-home mom. Also note that my husband is from the formal economy. Requirements and procedures may differ for other types of memberships in Philhealth. Contact Philhealth at their hotline for official procedures.

  • Letter of Deactivation
  • Completely filled-out husband's PMRF (Philhealth Member Registration Form; download here)
  • Copy of husband's Philhealth ER2 (request this from your husband's current employer)
  • Photocopy of your marriage contract
  • Photocopy of husband's 2 valid IDs


1. Before you can be listed as a dependent, you need to have your Philhealth membership deactivated. To do this, you need to write a deactivation letter addressed to Philhealth. Include in your letter your full name, Philhealth ID number, your reason for deactivation (i.e. No longer employed), and indicate that you'd like to be listed as your husband's dependent (optional). You can submit this letter together with the other requirements on the day you visit a Philhealth office. 

To know who are qualified dependents of members in the formal economy, click here.

2. Ask your husband to fill-out a PMRF with you added to his list of dependents.

3. Bring all the requirements to a Philhealth office near you. Tell the reception that you'd like to update records. If you're pregnant, take advantage of courtesy lanes as queues at Philhealth can get really really long.

4. Submit all the documents to the Philhealth officer starting with your deactivation letter. The officer will then update yours and your husband's records in their database. Wait for the printed copy of your husband's Member's Data Record (MDR). Check if your name and/or children are listed, and if all information are correct.

You are now an official dependent of your husband. Hurray! :) Make photocopies of your husband's MDR as you will submit this (and other docs; I will make a blog post about it after I give birth) at the hospital when you give birth or when you get hospitalized.

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation
Head Office Address
Citystate Centre, 709 Shaw Blvd.,

1603 Pasig City, Philippines
Call Center Number: (02) 441-7442


  1. This is a must especially for us moms and moms to be. Sobrang laki ng naitulong sa kin ng Phil health lalong lalo na sa mga twins ko.


    1. I agree. We got a substantial amount deducted from our hospital bills when I gave birth to our panganay.

  2. Hello Ms. Kat,

    I am planning to update my husbands Phil Health. Do I need an authorization letter pa ba? TIA

    1. Hi Yhie, thank you for your question. I was not required to provide an authorization letter from my husband. Maybe because I was able to present copies of his valid IDs? I still think it's best to contact their customer service hotline and confirm with them just to be sure. :)

  3. Hello po.nung naging dependent po kayo n hubby niyo mdr nya po ba ay same lang ang phlhealth nmbr mo nung member ka pa as well as nung dependent ka na po ba?ty

  4. Thanks to this article, so easy to update my dependents. My wife is now listed as my dependent and she no longer have to pay separate premium. :)

  5. Hello po..same lang po ba ang benefits pag mag dependent ka sa husband mo Kesa sa mag sarili ka ng Philhealth card mo?


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