Peniel Integrated Christian Academy of Rizal: a Homeschool Provider Review

Hello, homeschoolers! After 8 years with Peniel Integrated Christian Academy of Rizal as our homeschool provider, we are moving to another chapter of our homeschool journey as independent homeschoolers. I have an old review of our provider when we just finished our first year with them. You can read it here. Also, I have an article on our child's field trip at Peniel grounds here.

We have a lot of reasons why we chose Peniel and stayed with them from our firstborn to our Bunso. We started with Peniel in 2016 when Kuya was in Kinder and he remained with them until he left the homeschool world when he graduated in Grade 6.

Ate Z on the other hand was enrolled with Peniel from 2020-2024. Our Bunso was enrolled this last school year 2023-2024.

Most of our years with Peniel were under the HEP (Home Education Program) with just 1 school year with Kuya V enrolled under the OPTPL (Online Program Teacher-Parent Led). 

We love Peniel, Teacher Au, and all the staff. If we were to go back under the Philippine DepEd system in the future, we would still choose Peniel as our homeschool provider. 

Here are the reasons why we chose and stayed with Peniel from 2016-2024:

We still recommend Peniel as a DepEd-accredited homeschool provider. 

Happy homeschooling!

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