September Favs

The title of this post should have been March-September favorites. I've had my list of favs since summer but had not had the opportunity to post them. Since I am still using these products and it's the end of September already, let's just stick to September favs.

Boggle Jr.

This learning toy is one of the great finds I've ever purchased online. I was just browsing educational toys on Ebay PH last summer when I saw this. I thought it would be a great addition to Little V's homeschool curriculum and it costs only Php180. Yes folks, got it at a very low price. It doesn't look like the original Boggle Jr because its tray says Speller Jr. but it works the same as the one created by Hasbro so I'm not complaining.

 The box has 8 letter cubes, 32 picture/word cards, and a Boggle Jr tray. Kids can practice object and word recognition, spelling, letter recognition, and reading. 

Giga Eye Cream

I have been looking for an effective eye cream that's natural and not too expensive. I really wanted to get emu oil but my budget was limited. While browsing Landmark's beauty and toiletries shelves, my eyes caught Giga's under eye cream. It's all natural with Virgin Coconut Oil, Shea butter, Vitamin E, and cucumber extract. And it only costs Php115.

It can get oily when applied but I like it that way. After a couple of weeks of usage, I can conclude that it's a great under eye cream as it helps the skin around my eyes moisturized. It did not remove the darkness of my eyebags nor erased the lines, but it did reduce their appearance. Will I buy it again? Yes.

Jewel Tone Folacin Radiance Cleanser

I got this ahhhmazing wash from CKMJ Greenovation Inc., the distributor of Organic Baby Wipes. Jewel Tone is a maternity and Infant skin care expert since 1918. Their ingredients are specially formulated making them safe for use by babies and expectant moms. You can just imagine my joy when I got this while pregnant!

After my first use, I immediately saw the desirable effect of the facial wash. My skin instantly glowed making it look illuminated and moisturized. Even Hubby noticed the difference and complimented saying my skin looked great. I love its effect, safe for mom and baby, and the packaging looks so posh. It's a bit pricey though. A bottle of the wash costs almost 1k.

Wooden crib

We co-slept with my son until he was 2.5 years old. Co-sleeping worked for us that time since we worked in the night so our bed was available then for me and Little V. When I went back to work after my maternity leave, my son was so used to sleeping with someone beside him so we let his yaya co-sleep.

With the new baby, we won't co-sleep with her. Hubby's no longer on the night shift so he's home and would be sleeping on our bed. I decided to get a crib because we no longer have Little V's playpen crib; we gave it out a couple of years ago.

I really wanted to have a wooden crib that Baby Z can use until her toddler years. The ones being sold at the mall were pricey and too bulky for our small bedroom. I chanced upon an online seller of wooden crib who has 3 sizes of cribs to choose from and is 50% cheaper than the ones I saw from Landmark Trinoma. The medium size (24x40) costs Php3200. I ordered their package which included the beddings, mobile, and a 3-inch thick Uratex mattress. Even at a package, it still costs lower than the crib at the mall.

I'm thrilled not only because I saved thousands of pesos, but also got the crib I wanted that has the perfect size for us.

Crib Caddy

I saw this baby supplies caddy at Landmark Trinoma and it's a perfect partner of the crib. It can be hung at the side rails and also has a handle so I can bring it anywhere in the house. It has a cover which I removed for easier access of the toiletries. There are 4 compartments: 1 for the nappies and wet wipes, and 3 smaller compartments for oil, cotton buds, nappy cream, nail cutter and brush. When I change Baby Z's nappy or after her bath, I no longer have to turn around to look for her stuffs. I forgot its price but I know it's less than Php250.

Nursing Pillow

One of my previous worries about breastfeeding (this was before I attended seminars) is that carrying your baby while nursing can get tiresome specially when she gets heavier. I really would love to have a Snug-a-Hug but it's beyond my budget for a nursing pillow. So I bought a Child Care brand at Landmark instead for Php400. There are a couple more brands that were cheaper but I found Child Care's better in terms of quality. A pillowcase is also sold separately.

We've been using it since Baby Z was born and it has helped me a lot in our breastfeeding journey.

Solar LED light

This one, I didn't purchase. 

I got it from my mom which was gifted to her last Christmas. 

I was looking for a light that's clipped to a book while reading which I can use at night when I change my baby's nappy. I wasn't able to buy that book light thingy but this LED light from mom is the best. It is charged using solar power, has a clear bright light at night, and it's legs can be adjusted. I can place it on the crib or hang it on the side rail as I work. 

Giga Tea Tree Cream

all natural

We used to use Tiny Bud's Insect Bite Soothing Gel but changed to Giga's when Little V had bites and we forgot to bring the gel with us. The sales lady at Sesou in Market Market recommended Giga Tea Tree Cream as a natural balm for insect bites. The 130 pesos cream has a virgin coconut oil base and has beeswax, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, aloe vera extract, and tea tree oil. This balm's ingredients have properties that are antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic and antiviral. Also when I tried it myself and applied on the affected area it somehow removed the itchiness of the skin. No scratching for me!

I really loved this insect bite balm as it remarkably removed the inflammation of my and son's infected skin. Our insect bite marks were gone in less than a day.

There goes my favorite things this month. 

Have you tried any of these?


  1. You have great loots for September. Ang pinaka-crush ko ang junior speller. It gives me the idea to check on eBay. Next is the crib. :) So you're going to give birth soon pala, sis? Wow. Congrats! :)

    1. My baby just turned 2 months old. Thanks, Kristine!


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