Ooops! We Did It Again!

If you've been following me on Facebook, you may have been now aware of my house arrest. For almost a month now, I've been staying at the comfort of my home and would only go out for a doctor's appointment.

Our fifth wedding anniversary and Christmas gift came in early this year. Unexpectedly, it has changed the way how the household is now being run. The gift came with exhaustion, nausea, weight gain, food cravings and aversion as well as acne. You guessed it right, sweetheart. We are pregnant with baby number 2! :)

Little V is turning 4 next month and Hubby and I have been discussing about expanding our family. Both of us came from big families and we'd like our son to experience how it is to have siblings. We weren't really planning to conceive right away because we were also considering our financial capability to raise another child. It's hard to raise kids nowadays and with just one income funding this family, we have to discern what's best. But I guess God has better plans for us.

In November, Aunt Flo didn't come to visit.

5 days delayed, I took a pregnancy test and got a faint second line. The next day, I started bleeding. But it was light. I was thinking, am I pregnant? Is this implantation bleeding? Could this be my period and I was just delayed? But I'm never delayed for more than 3 days and it's been almost a week. It was a Thursday.

The following Tuesday, Day 6 of bleeding, I took another pregnancy test. Two lines. The second line was not as bright as the control line but it was remarkable. My bleeding that day has turned from light to medium. I was also experiencing cramps. Scared for my life, and the life inside of me, I went to the doctor the next day.

Wednesday. I decided to see a different Obstetrician. My previous OB is based in World Citi along Aurora Avenue and she doesn't have a clinic on a Wednesday. Her clinic was also located on the second floor and I don't think I'd be able to climb the flight of stairs because of the cramps and a toddler in tow. So I went instead to a medical clinic in a mall, whose doors are just beside the drop off bay.

At the clinic, the doctor has advised me to just sit down while we wait for an OB-Sonologist to conduct my transvaginal scan. She instructed the nurses to buy medicines for me because I needed to take 4 tablets of hormone supplements or pampakapit. I was not aware that I could be under spontaneous abortion already.

When I had my ultrasound, the OB-Sonologist did not see any sac in my womb and this she said could be because the baby is still small for the machine to detect.

My OB then gave me prescriptions and was advised to go on complete bed rest. So, I cancelled the events I was supposed to go to. And Hubby did the chores. 

Thankfully, through rest, meds and prayers, my bleeding stopped on Sunday. I also took another pregnancy test that day and the lines were bright as if saying, "Mommy, I'm still here. Don't worry."

Hu-ha! Relieved!

The next weekend, I had my blood work done and then went back to see my OB a few days later.

I had my ultrasound repeated and there it was, our little angel, now showing 120 heart beats per second. The OB-Sonologist computed the gestational age of the baby and it did show that it was younger as compared to calendar computation. He/she just crossed the 6th week. 

Hello, baby!

My OB has prescribed me to take meds for another week and advised that I still take things easy. Hence, on house arrest.

So here I am in my first trimester and dreading for it to finish soon. I have never wished for days to pass by quickly as much as I do now. This pregnancy is wayyyyy harder and different when I had Little V. I tire easily yet I can't sleep. I'm always nauseous. I have zits on my face. And my, this morning er more of whole day sickness is just too much. I just want to get over it soon! 

I sometimes miss being at work. When I had Little V and was still working, my office building was just across a mall. I did not have to ask anyone to buy for me when I crave for something, I simply step out, cross the street and my satisfactions were filled. Now that I'm home and resources are limited to what's in the fridge and my pantry, the only savior I have are food deliveries - and that still is limited. Why can't Fruitas deliver?? I want a mango shake in the middle of the night! One time, I opted to have Krushers delivered by KFC instead. I need to think of other ways to help me in these cravings.

As for the promoted-to-big-brother Little V, he has been such an angel to me. And it was him who first sensed that I was expecting. Weeks before my bleeding, he came to me and touched my belly. Out of nowhere he said, "There's a baby inside your tummy." Brother intuition, I guess.

He's been taking his baths alone for more than a month now; I'd like to think he's prepared to be a kuya. He lets me rest and gives me pillows. When I say that I feel like throwing up, he'd get me candies. When I cough or sneeze, he gets up from his bed, checks on me and asks, "Mom, are you okay?" The sweetest child I could ever ask for. Awww.. I love you, Little V.

He also kisses my tummy all the time and tells his unborn sibling that he loves him/her. As for homeschooling, he has taken an interest on how babies grow inside me, and how babies are taken cared of.  Hubby and I agreed that he'll be an excellent big brother. We can't wait for him to see his baby brother/sister. 

To our little darling,

Papa, Kuya V, and I are so excited to see you next year. Just relax and grow up inside Mama's tummy. We will keep you safe and nourished all throughout your stay inside your temporary apartment. The home will become warmer once you are here for us to hold. See you, soon.



  1. Wow congratulations! Get plenty of rest and drink lots of water!

  2. such a wonderful gift to have.. congrats! :D

  3. Wohooo!! Cheers to Baby Number 2! Take care always mommy!

  4. so many feelings in this post - the suspense, the fears, then the relief and delight at that second pregnancy test, then the wow and aww moments with clairvoyant kuya! love it, ha ha! this baby will definitely change your life and bring so much excitement. congratulations!

    1. Haha! Oo nga! Full of emotions! :) Thanks, Rina. Happy new year.! :-)

  5. Aaaaaw.......The miracle of life! What a wonderful anniversary and christmas gift too! I'm sure your coming baby will be loved much in your family! :)

  6. Congrats!!! :) Sobrang touched ako sa little gestures ni kuya. :) You are right! He'll be an awesome big brother. God bless on the pregnancy. :)

    1. Thanks, Reign! :) Happy new year to you and your family! :)

  7. Kaaaattttttt!!! What excellent news! I'm sooo thrilled!!! I'm glad that first-part scare is over. And I'm so happy reading about how sweet and caring Little V is (and whoa wow his intuition ha)!

    1. Little V says Baby 'Gotham' (that's what we've decided to call the baby for the meantime) will be a baby girl. Let's see if his intuition is right. Hehe! :)

  8. Awww, just read this Kat and this is very touching. I love how The Little V turned to be a BIG Kuya already. Congrats again. And I hope to see you soon :-)


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