Taking Control of Pregnancy Anxieties

Whoever said motherhood is an easy task, that person has not been a parent before.

Pregnant with Little V

When I got pregnant with our son, it was a scary but exciting moment of my life. I was clueless like first-time expectant moms. It's a new journey for me and my life has never been the same. An experience that reinvented the world for me.

There were ideas of uncertainties - I start to ask myself if I'd be a good parent and started to reassess myself and my competencies. How will I fair as a mom?

Being anxious about the responsibility for another human life is normal, but this should not hinder us from enjoying the journey towards motherhood. Know that all the challenges will be all worth it.

 "Motherhood is the only place whereyou can experience heaven and hell at the same time."

Fear comes from sensing that you are not in control. It is common to sometimes worry about pregnancy and all the other aspects related to it but whenever you feel anxious towards those, its better to try to take control of things you can manage and channel your energy towards something positive. Indulge yourself in self-reflection and positive self-talk. Think of an empowering and convincing statement that will oppose these fears.

"The secret to coping with your worries is redefining fear.
You can simply look at fear as an opportunity for self-discovery, 
the gateway from simply wishing and wanting, to doing and being."

"You can cope with your worries and you can
and will become a good mother."

Take control of your pregnancy and do not let your pregnancy take over you. Make a continuous effort to transform fear into power – power to decide on how you will act on your anxieties and live your life the way you've pictured it to be. It is a chance for you to know and understand you and your baby more. 

Since pregnancy is all about coping with your new role as mother, this is a most opportune time to adjust your lifestyle in a way that you live the life you dream for yourself while ensuring to provide the life you dream for your child as well. Nine months is enough time to form good habits and to prepare yourself for motherhood.

For starters, drink ProMama to help you feel more at ease because only ProMama contains Vitamins C, E and A. It’s coupled with Mental Enhancers like DHA, a nutrient important for a child’s visual and mental development; Folic Acid, which is essential for the development of the nervous system and in preventing neural tube defects; and Zinc, which assists in fetal neurodevelopment. ProMama’s formula also contains Bone and Muscle Builders such as Vitamin D to support an unborn baby’s bone development; Protein, the building block of all tissues; and Calcium, which supports bone development.

With the help of ProMama, you can enjoy your pregnancy, discover the mother in you and marvel at the miracle of your baby.

“Mama yes you can take control.
Mama yes you can be fit and fab.” 

Remember, when you have worries that haunt you, there is no one formula to be a perfect mother, but there are a million ways to be a good one. Read up about pregnancy and parenting, ask advice from fellow moms, equip yourself with the right knowledge and keep yourself healthy. By being true to yourself and taking control, you can be the good mom that you hope to be.

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