The Story Behind Petite Momma's World

I may have shared with you previously on my About Page the story behind my blog. But that page has been revised so many times that the story has taken a back seat; I am now challenged to write it again (more deets here, baby!) for Day 4 of the intentional blogging challenge.

This is where I usually write my drafts for my blog.
My handy-dandy pinky BB :)

The name Petite Momma was coined a few months before this blog was born.

In 2013, a few months after my transition from corporate slave-driver to a full-time mom, I've felt that there's something more that I could do than home management. I was craving for some spice in my daily routine of chores and baby-sitting. At that time, I could imagine myself as Belle in the movie Beauty and the Beast singing, "there must be more than this provincial life" - although I live in the city. But that's how I felt. It was mundane. Boring. Draining. 

I have been baking for my family and this has inspired me to try selling my products. It was a great idea at first and I was all excited for this new venture - finally a break from the usual.

If you look at my logo, you'll see me riding in a cupcake lining and holding a rolling pin - that's the logo my brother made for my business - which I kept for this blog not for sentimental reasons but for financial, actually. I pay for the services of my brother because he's an artist; a profession that deserves credit due. But yeah, I still got a very big discount from him so, yay!

Then I bought dozens of boxes and materials, even opened a Facebook page for my business. But after sending out samples to close friends, I've felt that I no longer wanted to push with the business. I just felt that cooking for others was not me. I'm too lazy for that. So, I shun the business idea and continued to bake for family and friends only. And yeah, some folks like the maintenance, security guards, property administrators, and work colleagues of Hubby were recipients too last Christmas.

One of the gifts I received for Christmas last year was a book by one of the inspirational authors here in the Philippines, Bo Sanchez. The book was called, "The Abundant Formula," helping readers gear up and identify how they can be abundant in life. My favorite chapters in the book were about finding your calling and multiplying your talents for abundance. It said, 

"If you don't use your gift, you lose it.
But if you use it, you reproduce it."

You see, even if I had the chance to create training programs, author company policies, and be part of the editorial staff of a global leadership newsletter in my previous job, I admit that I still lack the confidence to say that I am a writer. I mean, I am not as good  as others are. I have grammar lapses, my vocabulary's not as extensive as others, and I know that I have areas of opportunities in this particular skill.

I admit that I carry a dictionary with me whenever I read and/or write. And before I post anything, I double, no triple, no, sometimes check it 5x before clicking the button. And then go re-read it some more after publishing.

The quote from the book made me realize that I need to do something so that my God-given talent to express myself and inform others will not go into waste. I knew that the only way for me to retain and still develop the skill I have is to practice it. 

What's the best way to practice writing specially if you're not a professional writer? Maintaining a journal. An online one in my case.

Why do I blog? Primarily to practice writing. That was the only reason I had then. But now, this skill development exercise has blossomed into a more purposeful walk - to inform and inspire others.

I have been blogging since 2005 but sporadically documenting my adventures on my previous blogs; I had three - personal, travel, and food. I felt that these blogs no longer represent me. So I had to change. And it has to reflect the life that I live.

Instead of coming up with a new name, I decided to use my defunct business name - Petite Momma. Thus, Petite Momma's World was born. The new blog captures my life as a stay-at-home mom and it resonates who I am as a wife, mother, and a homemaker.

What's the story behind yours?


  1. Great story behind the blog name Kat! Mine is so dramatic compared to yours LOL, it started out as eclectic fascinations, I only had one post, my daughter's first birthday, which I shared with family and friends outside Cebu. Then after almost a year, I logged back in and changed the name to what it is now because I was feeling so low as a wife. Kept it because it kinda grew on me. ;)

    1. Thanks for sharing, Jhanis! :-) And I thought that the blog name was probably bcoz you love vanilla. Ha! ha!

  2. Nice story Kat! I've been blogging since forever. Friendster blog palang meron na ako. I started with just posting anything - lyrics ng kanta, poems, letters, alam mo na mga kajologsan ng kabataan. Hahahaha! I started writing hard core english only on the blog until I learned to let go and just blog like the way I talk. Hindi ako writer eh, kahit pangarap ko yan dati pa. Blogger nga lang ata ako kasi mas forgiving ang blogging. :) Sana meet tayo ulit sa ibang events. Hehehehe!

    1. Oh my gosh, I think I also had a blog on Friendster na puro lyrics naka post! Hahaha!! :-D

      I actually write english here sa blog kasi based on my stats most of my readers are from US. Umiis stateside. LOL! :) Hope to see you and Skye, soon! :)

  3. Call it OC, but I'm like you too. I try to read thrice before posting a blog post. I'm not so good at english kasi hehe

    1. That's also how I feel, sis. But I keep reminding myself that the language has evolved through the years and that conversational english while written should be acceptable na. He he he


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