Astoria Boracay

Last year we flew to Boracay for our family's annual getaway and stayed at Astoria Boracay for a night. Astoria has several resorts and hotels across the country and as members, we got a free stay at their Boracay jewel.

It was summer when we went to the island so we expected the crowd to be big. Our flight was delayed (thanks to Zestair) unfortunately, so we got to Astoria Boracay late in the afternoon. We almost missed the sunset!

When our transfers brought us to Astoria at Station 1, we were immediately greeted and attended by their staff. While waiting for our room, we were given hot towels and drinks to freshen up. After less than 10 minutes, we were accompanied to our room.

He's so happy to finally rest!

Welcome drink

Front desk

Our room was perfect! It was at the ground floor, just beside the pool. You can actually watch people swim while on your bed flicking the TV's remote.

The pool outside our room

The room had a flat screen TV, safety box, a fridge, a desk, coffee and tea, and a water heater.

Complimentary water, coffee and tea

We had a bathtub in our bathroom and my son enjoyed his bath. However, we had a hard time understanding how the knobs work. We've been to other resorts and hotels, but their water faucets made me look dumb. I had to ask help from housekeeping, because I initially thought that they were busted. LOL!

A digital weighing scale was also available

Astoria Boracay has a restaurant that offers buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Non-guests can also eat at there. We were able to try their dinner and breakfast.


Raspberry Cheesecake. Uhhmmm mmm!

Breakfast Buffet

During dinner, this is where diners can eat and relax while grilled food were cooked at the sides

I can no longer recall what were the outstanding dishes. I can remember though that they were good. During dinner, the grilled dishes were cooked under a tent outside the restaurant. You can dine at the beach while watching fire dancers.

Breakfast Buffet  - Php 450.00

Lunch Buffet - Php 420.00
Drink-all-you-can Cocktails - Php 400.00
I mistakenly deleted the photo I took that has the price for dinner buffet. Sorry!

Here are more pictures..

Me and my son enjoying our night dip

Astoria Boracay Pool

Shower area


Astoria Boracay
Station 1, Boracay Island, Philippines