Aging Gracefully

Spent my weekday birthday with my family this year. Hubby has work that day, nevertheless he never failed to surprise me. I sooo love my husband!

The night before my birthday, Hubby surprised me with gifts - 2 PINK bags! I've always wanted to have a new big shoulder bag but have been procrastinating in getting one. I am so blessed with a husband who knows what I want. He got me a big shoulder bag, and a small shoulder bag with longs straps (sorry, I don't know what to call those styles).

The next day, Vito and I went to my parents' house to celebrate. My mama prepared macaroni salad, our favorite. I also got gifts from my family and friends which was so cool. I felt like a kid again. LOL! :)

We left for SM Aura in the afternoon and it was my first time to explore the area. I have to admit that I was disappointed with their SM department store. It was really small with limited products. It just doesn't live up to the famous line of SM, "We've Got it all for You!" 

Most shops were high-end. With some unfamiliar to me. No wonder there were not a lot of people that afternoon, considering it as another SM mall. It was a good thing though, being able to stroll an SM mall without the crowd. 

My son wanted to play at Timezone so we hopped on to the building across the street - Market!Market!

When Vito and I got home, hubby was already there. Honey got me a cake and my fave - Shakey's!! Another surprise from him. :)

After checking my emails, Facebook, BBM, and text messages, I have concluded that most people use Facebook to send greetings. The only birthday greetings from email I got were from and! 

I feel so blessed in my life. God has been so good to me. Still, my favorite day of the year is my natal day. Because it constantly reminds me that I am here in this world to touch other people's lives, that I have a purpose. And that is to love.