Sky Travel Luggage

A couple of weeks back, I went luggage-shopping at the Metro Department Store in Market Market Taguig. My boys and I will be travelling soon and we need a luggage that has a 20 kilo capacity. I know SM malls normally have luggage sales but at that time I had no time to visit any SM department stores. 

By the way, I only have Php2500 budget for the luggage.

Initially I wanted to have a 4-wheel luggage since it's better to walk around with it. However, the salesman gave me a heads up on 4-wheeled bags. He said this kind of luggage is more prone to damage since their wheels are exposed, unlike a 2-wheel luggage where half of its tires are covered. The man's got a point. And my budget really won't fit either. 4-wheeled luggages are more expensive. So I moved on browsing for 2-wheeled ones.

The salesman led me to the area of Sky Travel luggages. Haven't heard of them before. They have Piolo Pascual as the endorser!

He said Sky Travel and Hawk bags are of the same makers. Oh, cool! Philippine made! This got me interested! I listened to his sales talk and after getting a confirmation from Hubby thru text, I finally bought one.

The 2-wheeled Sky Travel luggage I bought was on sale. I got 20% off from its original price of Php2,600. Nice! It has a 20-25 kilos capacity and has the TSA lock. They even gave me 2 free combination locks! 

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I will update this blog next time and will keep you posted of its durability.

Sky Travel Luggage
Sky Travel Luggage (front)

Piolo Pascual as endorser

Sky Travel Luggage (back)

Sky Travel Luggage TSA Lock
With TSA

Free combination locks


We've only used this once (as of writing) when we went to Singapore. I liked it because it was easy to handle. It was also durable since almost all of our belongings were packed inside it - including pasalubongs we brought home. 

When we got back in Manila, we saw a little dent on the luggage after retrieving it from the baggage claim area at the airport. It must have been squished in the tarmac. Anyway, good thing our luggage is not made of plastic; this little dent was quickly removed after some smoothing on the other side. 


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