Golden Grains PH celebrates 36 years during the Holidays!

Golden Grains PH proudly commemorates its 36th year of festive celebrations during the holiday season! To honor this remarkable milestone, Golden Grains Philippines extended a warm invitation to all October birthday celebrants to partake in the festivities and seize the opportunity to acquire their cherished rice varieties at no cost. Throughout this month, 36 fortunate October celebrants will have the chance to receive the very same products that have endeared Golden Grains to the hearts of many over the years.

Lucky participants will be able to select from a wide array of Golden Grains' popular rice options, including Super Angelica, Maharlika, Sinandomeng Special, Dinurado Aromatic Rice, Platinum Plus Whole Grain Rice, Thai Jasmine Rice, and Kanto Japanese Rice. Additionally, Golden Grains will generously offer its range of Healthy Alternative rice products, comprising Organic Brown Rice, Organic Red Rice, and Organic Black Rice.

Golden Grains, a renowned brand under REJ Commercial Corporation, made its debut in October 1987. Despite facing numerous challenges over the years, the brand has emerged as a stalwart in the rice industry. It is known for its unwavering commitment to consistently delivering high-quality, locally sourced rice products from the major rice granaries of Mindoro, Nueva Ecija, and Isabela.

Moreover, Golden Grains was among the pioneering brands to introduce Organic Red and Organic Brown rice varieties to a market seeking healthier alternatives to white rice back in 2004. In less than a year, it received the esteemed accolade of the Most Outstanding Organic Rice Brand from the Consumers' League of the Philippines. These well-timed and consumer-oriented decisions have translated into significant achievements, making Golden Grains' 36th anniversary a truly momentous occasion worth celebrating.

Golden Grains' Enhanced Availability

Golden Grains prioritizes flexibility, freshness, and peace of mind, catering to your preferences. Whether you prefer bringing home freshly harvested vacuum-sealed products or ordering online for doorstep delivery, Golden Grains has you covered.

Golden Grains ensures its products remain consistently accessible through a network of renowned supermarkets, including Waltermart, Robinsons, AllDay, Shopwise, South Supermarket, Metro Gaisano Supermarket, and LCC Supermarket in Bicol, among others. Additionally, Golden Grains has expanded its presence in the online market, making its products readily available through platforms such as Lazada and Shopee, embracing the evolving consumer landscape of the 21st century.

Month-on-Month Promotions

Golden Grains thrives on engaging with its consumers through double-digit sales and exciting monthly promotions. Each month, the brand offers enticing incentives, such as free or discounted shipping costs and unbeatable deals, which have become a major draw for its online followers.

Notable double-day sales include the 8.8 August sale, which provided customers with remarkable discounts of up to 80% on shipping fees at both Golden Grains' Official Shopee and Lazmall stores. In September, the Platinum Plus Whole Grain rice took the spotlight, offering a generous 99-Peso discount, enhancing the shopping experience for all.

On the remarkable date of 10.10 in October, a flash sale was exclusively unveiled on e-commerce platforms, with the added bonus of bestowing rice packs as gifts to fortunate October Birthday Celebrators. Be sure to stay tuned for this exciting revelation on Golden Grains' Facebook and Instagram, with the final day for registration concluding today!

As we step into November and December, a bountiful array of prizes awaits. On 11.11, 36 premium rice dispensers will be up for grabs, promising a delightful giveaway experience. Furthermore, as early as 12.12, the festivities begin, extending the celebration over 12 Days of Giveaways with Golden Grains, ensuring a memorable conclusion to the year.

Consumer-Centered Initiatives

The act of cooking rice and exploring recipes that complement rice dishes has emerged as a robust channel of communication, fostering delightful interactions between Golden Grains and its valued consumers. Through an abundance of recipes, delectable culinary creations, and the shared narratives surrounding rice, Golden Grains has succeeded in winning over the hearts of its patrons by offering innovative ideas, valuable tips, clever hacks, and even stoking appetizing cravings.

Recognizing that diverse rice recipes call for distinct rice varieties, Golden Grains has acknowledged the individual preferences of its customers. Consequently, the brand has embraced a more consumer-centric approach, enabling participants, winners, and stakeholders to choose their preferred rice variant whenever possible.

Each one of us brings a unique tale to the table when it comes to our rice consumption habits. There are those who remain loyal to white rice, champions of healthier rice choices, and advocates of specialty rice options. Golden Grains understands and caters to this rich tapestry of consumer preferences.

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