Japan Fudo Street at Vertis North

It's been months since we went out as a family at the mall. In the past months, we tried to stay away from the holiday rush so we were excited to finally go and eat out. It was our son's birthday and we chose to have lunch at Japan Fudo Street at Vertis North after his morning online classes. 

Japan Fudo Street

Japan Fudo Street is located on the 4th floor of the mall, along with other Japanese restaurants. The entrance is near the cinemas. I only heard about this place the night before since I was looking at restos we can eat at that day. It didn't fail me.

It was a weekday when we visited the restaurant hence there were very few people at the mall. The restaurant can accommodate a very big number of visitors. On our table alone we were already five pax, and there were at least a dozen tables similar to ours on one side only. There were more tables at the other side.

They also have a special area at the size that may be semi-private. When we had lunch, one area was filled with a team who were having lunch, I believe, they were around 10 pax.

The ambiance was amazingly cool especially for the kids. We liked the lighting, decor, and furniture used.

Semi-private area for groups with grilling stations. See the exhaust over the table?

For 2 adults, 1 tween, and 2 younger kids, we ordered California roll, katsu don, tonkatsu furai, tonkotsu miso ramen, and some gyoza. We were full to the brim after. We very much appreciate that the ramen's taste was not too strong like other restaurants that make ramen. We delightedly loved that the ramen soup was just savory enough but not over-powerful that you can really taste the broth of the meat. 

japan fudo street vertis north price
California Maki - Php 180

Tonkatsu Furai - Php 295

japan fudo street price
Katsu don - Php 315

Tonkotsu Miso Ramen - Php 460

Gyoza - Php 195

Interestingly, the restaurant also has an in-house mini-store where you can buy Japanese products like curry, ingredients, condiments, and some sweets. I was particularly looking for miso paste since we already ran out but they didn't have any. 

Japan Fudo Street

Overall, we had a great experience eating at Japan Fudo Street. The servers were polite and were able to attend to our orders right away. We plan to dine here again next time we visit Vertis North.

After lunch, we went bowling at Timezone on the third floor. I hope malls here in the northern part of EDSA will have full bowling facilities. For now, we will just do bowling at Timezone.


  1. Para ka talagang nasa Japan so yummy din po Ang mga japanese foods po


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