Homeschool Curriculum Choices for a 4-year-old SY 2019-2020

Our Ate Z turned 4 years old in 2019 and we have been homeschooling her since birth. She is an incoming Kinder 2 this school year 2020-2021 and I would like to share with you the materials that we used for last school year (we homeschool all-year round but we follow the DepEd schedule since Kuya V is following that calendar).

We usually play while learning and then used these materials for reinforcement of concepts.

Please note that we don't use all these materials at the same time. There are some that we used for a few weeks and then jumped to another one. Some workbooks we answer, some we don't and just use mainly as reference.

There is no perfect curriculum. It all depends on what your needs are as a family, your teaching style, and the learning style of your child. You don't need to use the same materials that we use. Use whatever materials that is available and would work best for you and your child. 

Sing Spell Read and Write - K Level

I purchased the local print of Sing Spell Read and Write (SSRW) way back in 2014 at C&E Publishing along Quezon Avenue. They no longer sell the local print. I heard that there were copies of US print being sold at the Manila International Book Fair, otherwise you can check Amazon. 

Since SSRW is a US curriculum and was created for a classroom setting, we don't follow all the recommended activities in the book. We use mainly though the student books, ferris wheel chart, posters, phonics books, and flash cards. 

This curriculum worked well with Kuya V that he started reading independently at 3 years old. However for Ate Z, I can't say yet that this curriculum works for her. There are days that she's cooperative with our activities and there are days that she just doesn't care. Haha! And that's the beauty of homeschooling, you can adjust to the learner's readiness. 

Easy to Learn Books

ETL Rhyming Book

You can easily find ETL workbooks at National Bookstore and Expressions. This rhyming book has activities that includes cutting, pasting, and identifying rhyming words that is important for kids to learn before they can start to read. This workbook I got for only 59.75 pesos.

Learning for Beginners Series Mathematics

This workbook is for ages 3 to 5 year olds and available at National Bookstore for 109.75 pesos.

Learning for Beginners Series English

This workbook is for ages 3-5 year olds and available at National Bookstore for 109.75 pesos.

School Zone Books

Reading Readiness K-1

I loved using School Zone workbooks for Kuya V when he was younger and I still love using them on Ate Z. 

These workbooks used good quality of paper and the colorful illustrations helped our preschoolers engage with our lessons. These workbooks are available at National Bookstore as well for only 125 pesos. 

The Reading Readiness K-1 includes skills on understanding letter sounds, recognizing words, matching, classifying, and more.

Learn to Write Number Wipe Clean Activity Book by Miles Kelly

This one I got from the Big Bad Wolf book sale

First Time Learning First Writing by Autumn Publishing

I got this workbook from Merriam Webster bookstore for 120 pesos. I also saw some of these at the recent Big Bad Wolf Book sale. What I liked most about this workbook are the sticker rewards that the child can stick on the page once she is done with the activity.

Home Workbook Pre-Math Skills

I can't remember where I got this but this one is for less than 100 pesos.

Worksheets for Adarna House Big Books 

The Adarna House Big Books worksheets is sold at regular price of 350 pesos, I purchased this on sale. You may need to have a few of the Adarna House storybooks so that the child can relate with the characters in the material.

Workbook with Worksheets Downloaded

One of the gifts Ate Z got last Christmas a workbook with her picture on the cover. The workbook contained dozens of worksheets that you can download from several websites. I felt that some of the activities in the worksheet were too advanced for her so we will be using this more in the future.

Preschool Kit

Ate Z enjoys learning while manipulating materials so I made her a Preschool Kit where I house the different learning items we can pull out anytime of the day. You can check my article about our preschool kit here.

K4/K5 Curriculum by Confessions of a Homeschooler

I purchased this digital product from the website of Confessions of a Homeschooler for $19.95. The curriculum has more than 70 pdf files that I can work on with Ate Z.

I also take advantage of free materials online and here are some of my favorite websites:,,,,,

Are you also homeschooling a preschooler? Where do you get your materials. Share them in the comments section! :)


  1. hi, thanks for these resources! hats off that you're able to homeschool two kids at the same time! how old is your youngest? Do you still have Peniel as your provider? Can you share more how you're finding them so far? thanks

    1. We are still with Peniel it's our 5th year with them. I have a separate blog post for my review of our provider.

      Our second child is enrolled this SY for Kindergarten. We still have a toddler we independently homeschool.

  2. Thank you for sharing this po mommy Kat. Atleast po kahit papaano meron na po akong konting idea sa kung ano ang mga dapat ko po ibigay sa bunso ko po para sa pag aaral niya.


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