Big Bad Wolf Manila 2018

I used to borrow books at our school library. I remember going there almost everyday before or after my classes to borrow storybooks. At a young age I learned to love reading and the joy it brought me while growing up is something I'd like my kids to experience, too.

Earlier this year, there was a big fuss on Facebook about a new book sale: the Big Bad Wolf. It is said that it would be the first time that it would conduct its sale here in the Philippines. Being a sucker for books and a bargain hunter, I made sure to visit this. The best thing about it is, it runs for more than a week and is open 24 hrs!

I know how expensive an Uber drive would be from our place to World Trade Center  in Pasay. I couldn't use the bus to commute since I'd be bringing Baby I. So to avoid the crowd, traffic, and Uber surcharge, we went on a Saturday morning. We left the house before 6am and arrived at the venue before 630.

Food is not allowed inside as we were reminded by the security upon entering.

The place is huuuuge!

There were visitors already at the venue with some who looked liked they took the night shift sifting through books.

I took a push cart and started to browse at the history section first.

My aim that day was to buy reference books only plus the comics selection my brother wanted. I had no plans of buying any storybooks since I could easily get those at thrift shops. Besides we have enough storybooks already at home.

book sale

Oh, the only storybook on my agenda was the Aesop's book of fables that I saw someone posted online.

Anyway, more than half of the area was dedicated to children's books. Thousands of board books, storybooks, activity books, and references. Check out some of the photos I took.

Ako na sumuko mag browse kasi wala na budget! LOL!

They have a sorting area, before the exit to the cashiers, where you can sort your loot and place on the crates the ones you don't want to buy anymore. I got in my cart several books on dinosaurs for Kuya V but settled with just one so I could buy the other reference books.

Guess what? After sorting and exiting to the next hall for the cashiers, there are still books on your way to the queue. Temptation!! Haha! Good thing I sticked to my budget. Whew!

There were a lot of counters but at that time when we paid, at 8am, most counters were just starting to open.

Book Haul

Here's our haul from the BBW.


DC Comics - Php680
DK Dinosaur Encyclopedia - Php290
Help with Homework English - Php160
Junior Encyclopedia - Php390
Prehistory - Php290
Hello Kitty Activity book - 160
DK Human Body Encyclopedia - Php290
Aesop's Fables - Php390
Learn to Write Numbers - Php100
Wonders of the World - Php350

And as I write this article, I asked someone to buy for me again at BBW:
Help Your Kids with Study Skills - Php480

A closer look into the books I got.


- Free entrance
- Books are new and sealed
- Discounts of up to 80%
- Some book titles are not available locally
- Wide selection of books for kids
- push carts are available
- Aisles are wide enough for people and carts to pass through
- It's open for 24 hours!!
- queue at cashier is manageable
- Has a sorting area

Things to Consider Next time

- They should issue eco bags instead of plastic bags
- venue near QC perhaps? Wishful thinking!
- more cashier counters open at wee hours since a lot of people still come in at these times
- please print official receipts. My receipt says it is not an official receipt.
- maps around the place so we can easily find the sections.
- I hope they can do this yearly and make announcements months before the event so we can save up for it.

Final Verdict

After experiencing different book sales, including the Manila International Book Fair, I can say that this is the best book sale I have been to. I wished I had a bigger budget for this event!

This book sale is worth your trip if you have enough budget to buy books. If you will be coming from afar, would spend a fortune on fares just to visit the venue, and will just buy a couple of books, lugi ka. They are cheaper than bookstores, yes. Dun panalo ka na.

Will I go back again?

Yes! And I'd be checking the reference books again most likely next time.

Were you able to go to the BBW book sale? What's in your loot?


  1. Hope there will be Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Manila soon, maybe mid-this-year and I will really go there with my wife and daughter. Excited to haul and maybe advance early Christmas gift.

  2. This is great ❤❤❤ I am a book lover.. certified book worm.. and book sale is the best deal to grab.❤❤❤ I want my child to learn on books than on gadgets 😁😁😁

  3. I love to read books too and I want to instill that at my daughter's early age. Thank you for letting me know about this Big Bad Wolf Book Sale and I am looking forward to be present on next Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. Will save more to buy more!

  4. Wow!!! Book is life... Biggest sale!! Yay... Sana makapunta ako.


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