Preschool Homeschool | Materials Haul Part 2

We jumpstarted our kindergarten homeschool year last week in preparation for my delivery in a couple of months. I reckon once the new baby comes, I won't have enough time to prepare the lessons for Little V so it's better to start early to have a few days buffer for the first quarter.

**Preschool Homeschool | Materials Haul Part 1**

Before I share with you the items we bought for this school year, let me tell you what we worked on during summer break. I found these workbooks from School Zone at National Bookstore for just Php99 each. I bought his first workbook (Beginning Sounds) from them last year and we liked it because it's cheap and the pages have colorful illustrations which is a hit to young kids. 

Little Thinkers and Kindergarten Basics are both for Kindergarten levels and contain activities from patterns to beginning sounds, to time-telling, colors, shapes, and other mathematical concepts. We skipped the pages that have subjects we haven't touched on yet and will just go back to them as we go along our Kinder 1 curriculum.

Little Thinkers and Kindergarten Basics workbooks from School Zone.
Php99 each at National Bookstore

Curriculum Planner

On our second year of "official" homeschooling, we have decided to continue independently. I have shared in another article about our DIY curriculum planner for Kindergarten. Check it out, you can also download a copy for free.

As of writing, I already have laid out on the planner our schedule for the rest of the year - topics for each quarter. But as for the weekly lessons, it's a work-in-progress. 

Language Arts

Last school year, we completed the first semester of Sing, Spell, Read and Write curriculum. For this year, we will continue where we left off in SSRW.

Sing, Spell, Read, and Write Materials (local print)

We also purchased this Montessori sandpaper alphabet set from M.O.M Store of Montessori on Mars. This would greatly help our son improve his manuscript writing.

Montessori Sandpaper Alphabet

Math and Science

Instead of buying textbooks for Math and Science, we decided to buy workbooks instead since there are a lot of materials we can find online to teach the concepts. We got the workbooks from Easy to Learn at National Bookstore. The Science workbooks were on sale when I purchased them; we got a coloring book together with the workbook for Php99.75.

science math
Workbooks from Easy to Learn

We have added this wooden math set for our manipulatives. 

I'm also interested in learning and teaching Singapore Math. We'll probably add SM manipulatives in the future.

For writing numerals, I made a DIY Felt Paper Numbers.

My son received this set of creative blocks for his birthday and we'll be using this to teach shapes and logic. He also got a box of match-it puzzles of body parts that we'll use in Science.

Creative Blocks for logic.

School Supplies

Here are the other supplies we added to our current stash.

A plastic pail/caddy to store pencils, color pens, twistable crayons, erasers, dry-erase markers, scissors, rulers, and other things my son needs. We place this on top of his table so he can easily reach the things he need. It's also easy to carry and move whenever we decide to study on our dining table. I got this at a Daiso for Php88.

This acrylic desk organizer is for the teacher mama. :) It can store my pens, scissors, markers, stapler, ruler, and it has a tape dispenser. Got this cutie for just Php88 at Daiso.

We are incorporating Montessori practical life exercises in our curriculum this year. I couldn't find a tray with handle that would fit our small shelves so I opted to buy this set of plastic trays from Landmark for Php100. We now use these as trays for salt (for sandpaper alphabet activity), storage of practical life exercise, and the extra tray I currently use as storage of busy bags in zip-lock pouches.

Plastic trays

I purchased these stickers so I can label the books we have on the shelf. I labeled all his coloring books with yellow stickers and all his activity books with green. It's easier to browse the shelf with these labels.

Coloring books labeled with yellow stickers

Last year I reused an old sando and made it into Little V's apron. Since the material was cotton, it gathered dusts easily. I am happy to have found a replacement - this colorful kiddie apron at Daiso for Php88.

Little V's apron for our art activities

These are the materials we purchased before we began this school year. We are still using the materials we got last year; I think if we are to add items to this loot in the coming months, they would probably more on school supplies (like paper, printer ink, etc.), and books.

I'm always on the look-out for affordable learning materials, if  you know any, let me know in the comments section. Thank you! :)


  1. I'm so happy with your blog site, it contains all the matter with regards to Kindergarten school Good luck to you and your well performed job. Thanks for keeping us updated with the latest information for Kindergarten school

  2. Hi! Did you buy the SSRW at National Bookstore too?Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi Bevs. No. I bought my SSRW curriculum at C&E Publishing along Quezon Ave. I have heard they no longer produce local prints of SSRW.


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