HiPP: Organic and Beyond

Living in a concrete jungle for almost a decade now makes me think how the world would be in my children’s future. I grew up in a house with a backyard that had a vegetable garden and a few animals we raised for our own consumption. I was able to climb trees and enjoy nature when I was a kid - but things are different now with my children.

The world is changing and nature is being compromised. We are doing our part as a family to give better healthy choices for our children and take small but important steps in helping the environment. But I often wondered how do other countries fair when it comes to sustainability while being developed, especially big companies that are sharing their products around the world?

Earlier this month, HiPP has opened my eyes that it is possible to produce top quality products and be in harmony with nature. One of their taglines, “The Best from nature. The Best for nature.”  reverberates in my head as this is something I have been waiting for. A company that cares for my children and the environment I want to protect.

HiPP Goes Beyond Organic

It was more than 120 years ago in Germany when the first infant food was created by a baker named Joseph Hipp for his firstborn twins. Through the years they have developed their product carrying the values of respecting creation and human dignity.

Claus Hipp, the grandson of Joseph Hipp, is a pioneer in organic farming. He went farm to farm to persuade farmers of the benefits of Hipp’s approach and successfully established a network of organic contract farmers. 

hipp organics
Claus and Stefan Hipp

Today, HiPP is one of the world’s largest processors of produce grown organically. HiPP is recognized as the World’s No. 1 Organic Baby Food Brand and Europe’s No. 1 Organic Milk Formula.

Stefan Hipp, the owner of HiPP, holds the same noble cause passed down by his forefathers which is caring for children’s health and preserving nature for future generations.

HiPP produces products according to strict organic regulations free from synthetic pesticides or insecticides, artificial fertilizers, artificial growth hormones, prophylactic use of antibiotics and GMOs. Moreover, HiPP Organic products are free from gluten-containing ingredients, artificial flavors, artificial colors and soy protein. 

In partnership with Advanced Nutritional Technologies Inc. (ANTECH), HiPP Organics was introduced to the Philippines and aims to expand awareness of the health benefits of organic products and organic farming.

Last February 7, 2020, a conference was held at New World Hotel Makati for HiPP’s Organic and Beyond campaign and was shared among parenting bloggers and health and parenting journalists. HiPP Mom Ambassadors Andi Eigenmann, Nikki Gil-Albert, and Pauleen Luna-Sotto shared their own beliefs in doing whatever it takes for their children and modeling to them key principles to live in life like advocating healthy living and caring for the environment. The conference was attended by Mr. Stefan Hipp and Mr. Edwin Feist, the Chairman and CEO of ANTECH.

Moms like Pauleen, Nikki, and Andi believe that only the purest nutrition free from harmful chemicals should be given to children. They believe that harmful chemicals may interfere with their children’s natural development. They shared that they will do their best to love, nourish, and protect their children.

hipp philippines
Ellie and Andi Eigenmann

Nikki Gil

Ellie, Andi Guck-Eigenmann’s daughter, grew up with HiPP Organic and now loves the natural taste of HiPP Organic Kindermilk.

Both Nikki and Pauleen have smaller kids and agree that they will introduce Hipp Organic Kindermilk when Finn and Tali reach three years old.


HiPP Organic Kindermilk for Three Years Old and Above

The Natural Research Council of the United States reported that the primary form of exposure to pesticides in children is through dietary intake. Several studies show that pesticide exposure may interfere with children’s natural growth, including brain development.

hipp organic philippines review

HiPP Organic Kindermilk for Three Years Old and Above is certified organic. Approximately 8000 organic farmers supply products for HiPP assuring us that the milk our children take are free from chemicals that don’t belong to our children.

HiPP Organic Kindermilk for three years and above is developed from the best principles of nutrition science. It contains Organic Lactose or the “Brain Sugar,” which is the natural sugar found in milk. It contains natural Omega-3 that may help support brain development, Calcium and Vitamin D that may help support strong bones, and Organic Prebiotics or Galacto-oligosaccharides that may help support healthy digestion.

HiPP is committed to establishing an equilibrium between nature and humankind hence sustainability is part of their day-to-day activities. They have developed an environment-friendly carton as packaging for their milk formulas that uses water-soluble printing ink and FSC-certified card to create a functioning reusable material cycle. HiPP takes the initiative to create new packaging that must be more environmentally friendly than its predecessor.

I was awed when I saw their packaging in a box which can serve as storage already, with a scoop leveler even included!

Our 4-year-old Pretty Z enjoys the natural taste of HiPP Organic Kindermilk because it is free from added artificial sugars. No worries for this momma, I am sure that only the best is given to our only daughter.

It's worth pointing out that HiPP sits at the top of the list of best organic baby formulas at sites like Mommyhood101, so I'm not the only one with such a high opinion of their formulas!

HiPP Kindermilk is available at Mercury Drugstores or visit https://bundleofjoy.com.ph/


  1. Gusto ko rin itry tong organic Milk sa Lo ko 😍

    1. Masarap siya. And because it has no artificial sweeteners, hindi sya super tamis

  2. I like the tagline "The best from nature, the best for nature." 😊👏

  3. I want to try too momsh para kay bebe😍

  4. I want to try this milk sa baby girl ko. Organic kaya alam kong safe and healthy para sa kanya.

  5. wow ma try nga din ito mommy organic milk for sure magugustuhan din ito nf kids ko.

  6. Gusto ko itry to sa para sa mga anak ko😍🥰

  7. Sana matry kudin to sa baby ko momsh..

  8. Gusto ko matry ito soon.. Maganda ito para sa mga kiddos

    1. Yes moshie maganda po talaga ang Hipp organic jan nagingbok ang tiyan ng baby ko pang anim n gatas niya jan siya humiyang hindi lang nakkataba pero malakas ang baby mag2months siya ngstart s hipp to 3yrs old and 8months ngpalit ako ng ibang gatas nhhirapan siya lactum nido jr bearbrand pediasure nagkproble
      m siya s tyan fetal retention kaya binalik na uli namin sa hipp organic as suggested din ng pedia

  9. Gusto ko rin ito i-try. Sana when my LO turns 3 ay keri ko na sya ibili nito, maganda raw kasi ang HIPP for kids.

  10. Yes to ORGANIC..mas nakakasiguro akong mas safe mga kids pag Organic milk.

  11. Want to try this mamsh sa aking mga kids . Lalo na at mahilig sila sa milk. For sure magugustuhan nila to 😊


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