Forever Clean and Fresh with New Downy Detergent

When I was still living at my parent’s house, I wasn’t picky when it comes to the detergent we were using at home. Things have changed dramatically when I started my own family. Me and my husband consider a lot of factors even if it was just for a mundane chore of choosing a laundry detergent. Metikuloso kami. And finally, I found the one for me in the New Downy Detergent.

More than Just a Fabric Conditioner

I was surprised when I learned that Downy has released its own detergent line. 

Di ba fabcon yun? Now it’s more than just a fabcon.

Our favorite fabric conditioner has launched its detergent line that boasts of features that beats your usual detergent.

review of downy detergent

Cleaning Formula

Downy has an effective cleaning formula that magically transforms yellowish clothes to sparkling clean. It has super suds that goes through every strand of the fabric helping lift stains and clean the clothes better.

Perfume Boosters

Downy has the world’s first-ever Perfume Boosters that help clothes to have long-lasting freshness of irresistible Downy scent throughout washing. This means that aside from having clean clothes, they will be smelling fresh longer, too.

Mild on Hands

The Downy Detergent has proven to be mild on hands.

Testing the Powers of Downy Detergent

review of downy detergent

As a mother of three young kids, one of my issues during laundry is that I must separately do handwash their stained clothes and soak them on a little bleach before I place them into the washing machine with the other clothes. This extra chore adds up to my time spent doing laundry and I am not fond of the smell of the clothes with the bleach, either. 

I put to the test the new Downy Detergent with my kids’ putim clothes and placed them in the washing machine through a regular cycle. No bleach. No other materials except for Downy Detergent.

downy review

review downy
with Perfume boosters

After the cycle, I was thrilled with the results. The stain on my kids’ clothes were removed and their putim clothes showed a little improvement on its color. I am scheduled to wash the whites again tomorrow and I am excited to see results after I soak it first before a regular wash. I am pretty sure that the putim clothes will find their glory back.

I have also noticed the beads (perfume boosters) in the detergent and after wash, the clothes smelled clean with a gentle scent. I have put away already the clothes in the cabinets after they have dried, and I can still smell the gentle scent on our clothes.

I also did not feel a sting on my hands when I used the detergent to wash our basahan.

I have been using the Downy Detergent for a few days now and I am amazed at how Downy lives to its promises. 

The new Downy Detergent has two variants, Sunrise Fresh  and Garden Bloom available in leading supermarkets. Jumbo pack is around 14 pesos each.

I will definitely recommend the New Downy Detergent to members of our mommy club. Mommy Blogger Pehpot Mommy Club is a mommy community on Facebook created by mommy blogger, Mommy Pehpot.

Know more about the New Downy Detergent through their Facebook and Instagram accounts.


  1. Love to try that new downy detergent. I have been using downy since the day I gave birth to my first son. It's been 16years from now.


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