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At the Hakab Na 2017 wearing a nursing dress. Tandem breastfed these two for 5 months

August is the National Breastfeeding Awareness Month in the Philippines, a bill authored by Senator Pia Cayetano. All over the country, breastfeeding moms and advocates of breastfeeding celebrate through different festivities such as the Hakab Na, lectures, exhibits, and milk donation drives. As a breastfeeding mom for more than three years now, I have always looked for ways to breastfeed in public discreetly - not that I am ashamed of nursing my children, but to help others not to be uncomfortable around me.  To celebrate the breastfeeding month, let me share with you four online stores where I purchased my nursing clothes.

Buy Online

We do not have a helper at home to leave the kids with, and I know many would agree that shopping at the mall with the kids in tow is a disaster-in-waiting. Hurrah to online stores!

Buying through online stores help us, nanny-less moms, to shop in the comfort of our homes, be able to watch over our kids, and save on gas or taxi fares.

Nursing Mommies PH

The very first online store where I bought a nursing dress from is Nursing Mommies PH. At that time in 2015, I have been reading through Facebook about this shop and was very curious about what they have to offer to nursing moms.  I needed a nursing attire for my daughter's christening so I opted to buy their nursing dress and another blouse. I already forgot the name of the dress but it was beautiful. I love the fabric as it snuggly tight around my body and it wasn't warm to wear.

I still use the dress just like in the photo above.

nursing blouse online store
Cotton nursing blouse from Nursing Mommies PH

This year, I bought from them a nursing blouse which was made of cotton. I find it too big even though the size that I got was the same size as the dress I ordered in 2015.

  • Mode of payment includes BPI bank
  • very responsive seller
  • limited designs

Kaypee Baby

The very first time I ordered at Kaypee Baby was in the summer of 2016. They were very new then and was offering low-priced nursing blouses. My first order was a mixture of awe and disappointment. One of the blouses I ordered was white (which looked really good on the model) priced at 195 pesos, and the other one was a flowy blouse for 99 pesos.  I fell in love with the flowy blouse as it was a comfortable fabric that I could wear at home or when I visit the playground. However, the white blouse was a different story. The fabric was too sheer that it took me a year before I was able to wear it - yeah, it took me a year to buy undergarment for it. LOL!

But because of the flowy blouse that was the A-game for me, I ordered again from them in the next 2 years. As of writing, if my memory serves me right, I have ordered 10 nursing blouses from them!

kaypee baby review
99 pesos nursing blouse

  • the shopping experience is through a website which eliminates error in orders
  • mode of payment includes PayPal, bank, and Cash on Delivery
  • very responsive seller
  • informs clients on updates of order

  • in my recent order, it took them a while to answer my question. I guess because they are now a popular shop, the volume of inquiries had some challenges

Cara's Closet

I got curious about the nursing dresses that were being sold on Instagram by a few sellers. They had the same photos but the prices differ. I reckon that they are selling for a clothing line that doesn't have a brand name. 

After comparing about three players, I chose Cara's Closet. They were offering a wholesale price if I got at least 3 blouses/dresses from them. Also, the shipping fee was lower as compared to the other 2 sellers.

Since the photos were all posted on IG and would not indicate the stocks availability, it took me and the seller a long time before confirming my orders. I had to send A LOT of photos that I liked to buy at my size because the design was either sold-out or my size was unavailable. The very designs I liked first were unavailable and I settled with the third err fourth best thing.

  • seller is very responsive
  • a discounted price is available for bulk orders
  • shipping fee is cheaper compared to other sellers offering the same products

  • real-time stocks available were not updated on the photo captions during the time I ordered
  • I am not a fan of the fabric used for the dresses (it was too heavy for me)
  • the size of the blouse was too small and I am already petite!

Inang's Collection

The recent online store of nursing tops and dresses that I had a transaction with is Inang's. I have been following them on Shopee but the dresses I wanted to buy did not always have my size. A week ago, I chanced upon them selling live via Facebook. It was an online sale. The blouses and dresses were discounted on that day. Because I really wanted to buy from them, I watched three live sessions just so I could see the products and get first dibs if my size is available. After three hours of watching, I was able to order three items: a nursing blouse, and 2 nursing dresses.

I was aiming at getting dresses since I could use those for formal events. The blouses I have in my closet are fine to be used for mall or doctor visits.

Just this morning, I got my orders after 7 days from ordering.

  • they have a wide variety of designs to choose from
  • the size was a good fit
  • the fabric used had a snuggle fit and was not warm to wear
  • mode of payment includes bank
  • seller is very honest for any flaws on the product and/or any shortcomings on customer service

  • very slow response from seller. It took them 3 days to answer FOR EACH of my message. I am really hoping they can improve the turnaround time for queries since I love their products
  • seller does not inform the client of updates on order. 

How about you, do you also use nursing clothes to breastfeed baby?

Do you have a favorite online store? Let me know in the comments section!


  1. Thanks for sharing thoughts about your breastfeeding journey with your baby. It helps to me as a breastfeeding mom also to my third child.

  2. Wow sakto I've been looking for breastfeeding clothes talaga.

  3. Thanks for sharing momshie saludo po tlga ko sa mga mommy na ngbbreastfeed tipid na at nkktulong p sa baby pra mging i wish n ngbreastfeed ako ng mtgal kya lng maaga nwla gatas ko hoping na nxt baby eh mgbreastfeed ako ng mtgal

  4. Thanks for this momshie.. Nagpaplano din ako bumili ng nursing clothes dahil wala ako niyan.. Buti na lang i read this at my idea na kung san daPat bumili.. At abot kaya ng budget.. Thank you for this info momshie..

  5. I love Nursing Mommies Ph... madalas ko rin silang makita sa mga event. Most of my nursing blouse sa kanila ko rin binili.

  6. Wow slamat mommy ng ka idea tuloy ako at saan kc breastfeeding dn ako ky baby mag 2 yrs old n pero wala pa akong nursing clothes kaya pag labas kme n baby kino coveran ko nlng ng lampin pero dhil dto sna mka bili n ako tnx mommy ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜

    -Jessica Encomienda

  7. Perfect n perfect tlga to sa am8n ng baby ko pra d na ako mag baba o taas ng dmet pra lng padedehin c baby sna mka kuha ako nito mommy ๐Ÿ˜

  8. Perfect to sa mga nagpapabreasfeed,breastfeeding din ako nung may baby pako.3years old na kase anak ko.Noon diko pa alam na may mga ganyan palang damit,thanks dito sa petite mommas world dahil nalaman ko ito so kung magkababy ulit ako,bibili ako nito.

  9. Maganda ito kase di kana magtataaas ng damit mo para magpabreastfeed๐Ÿ˜Š galing๐Ÿ‘ para wala ding masabi mga nasa paligid mo..

  10. Wow.. kala mo basta lang siya damit pero may magic pala,.magic nursing dress๐Ÿ˜Š kahit nasa public plaace kapa basta yan ang suot mo,gora lang๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. Sakto mommy para sa breastfeeding journey namin ng little one ko. Super helpful nito para sa ating lahat

  12. Thanks for sharing this mommy. Super helpful sa mga mommies na nagpapa breastfeed

  13. Hello sa mga mommies na nagpapabreastfeed. Ito oh my na share si mommy petitemomma,super helpful ito,dina po kayo mahihirapan magpabreasfeed in public.๐Ÿ˜Š

  14. Hello sa mga mommies na nagpapabreastfeed. Ito oh my na share si mommy petitemomma,super helpful ito,dina po kayo mahihirapan magpabreasfeed in public.๐Ÿ˜Š

  15. Easier na to choose where to find nursing clothes. Thanks for this!

  16. Nursing clothes is important too. Hehe

  17. Wow nakakaproud po kayu tandem feeding. Ako nga po isa lang pinapadede ko para kaming nasa circus ๐Ÿ˜‚.
    Icheck ko nga po yang mga online store. Thanks for the info momshie

  18. Wow sabi ko na sight ata kita Mommy sa Hakab na last year ๐Ÿ‘ Kasama ko din si toddler ko at si baby na 6mos palang noon. I tand feed them too and it was magical being part of the event. Been looking din for nursing outfit that would fit kasi medium or large na ako. Take note ko mga stores na eto Mommy , am familiar lang kay Kaypee. Thanks mommy๐Ÿ˜


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