McDonald's Kiddie Crew Weekend Workshop

Yes, you read it right. McDonald's now offers a weekend workshop for their Kiddie Crew. This year, they have started the 2-day workshop aside from the usual 5 days. We opted to choose this schedule for Kuya V so that we could save on time and transportation fares and I can leave Toddler Z at home with her Papa.

Last March 25, I went to the nearest McDonald's branch and registered Kuya V for April 7-8. I paid Php595 for registration fees. The branch took my number and informed me that they'll text me for the orientation schedule.

On April 6, we went back to the branch and got V's items: Workshop t-shirt, cap, bag, ID with lace, apron, and chef’s hat. These are all inclusive in the registration fee I paid. There was no orientation given though. The branch assistant manager just handed us the kit. The person in-charge of the workshop was not yet on duty that time.

Workshop t-shirt, cap, bag, ID with lace, apron, chef’s hat

Day 1

On April 7, a Saturday, me and Baby I accompanied Kuya V at McDo. The workshop is scheduled from 1-4PM. Three hours session for two days.

A couple of days before his workshop, we learned that he was the only child registered on that schedule. I asked if there were kids who registered on other weekend schedules and McDo said none at the time being. So I asked my son if it was OK for him to do the workshop without other kids, and he said he's fine with it.

The branch were we registered is at a mall and does not have a function room. The manager took him and his things to a room at the back of the kitchen. I later found out from my son that there was a big room there with a small office room and a restroom. Meanwhile, Baby I and I sat at a table nearest the counter so I can see V walk up from the room.

I couldn't see V or what he was doing while he was inside their office. V is independent, knows how to take care of himself, and understands boundaries. So I really wasn't worried. But if it was my daughter, I would have demanded to be in the same room.

After 20 mins - which seemed like eternity to me - he walked up to the front counter and was taught how to use the touch screen monitor. He manned the counter for a good 10 minutes afterwhich they went back to the room.

Kiddie Crew itinerary. For weekend workshop, Day 1 was Days 1-3 of the 5-day workshop. And Day 2 was Days 4-5

He went back to the counter after 20 minutes and was taught by Don, the crew in-charge of the workshop, this time on how to use the machines. V was now smiling and more confident than his first counter experience earlier.

They went back to the room after 15 minutes.

The baby was getting cranky so we left the branch and roamed around so that I could put him to sleep. We went back to McDo a few minutes after.

After more than an hour waiting at the dining area, my son went to the counter again and was now laughing. He was joking around with the crew.

V also approached me at the table and gave his baby brother a balloon, and his work: a happy meal box he designed. He also said he was writing on a book they provided (scrapbook).

V's own design

He left again for the room after 15 minutes of manning the front counter.

By 4PM, he went out of the room. I had a little chat with Don before we left. Don told me that V will be performing on Day 2 with Grimace. How nice. His Papa should see it.

V was sooo exhausted and thirsty. He said they practiced dancing so I treated him with a mango shake before we headed home.

Day 2

The whole gang is complete. Haha! Papa, Mama, little sister, and baby brother were all support for Kuya V.

We were excited every time V would help at the counter. He was definitely more confident now. He was also more independent in completing his tasks.

He also had the chance to serve his family when we ordered sundaes.

At 3PM, they moved their activity at one of the tables in the dining area. He made a cheeseburger while Don demonstrated. He finished his activity already when I realized he was not wearing his apron and chef's hat! Don forgot it, too! Haha! Anyway, you'll notice the look of Toddler Z on the video. She was hungry and was dying to eat the burger. LOL!

Cheeseburger-making activity. We forgot he was not wearing his apron and chef's hat!

After his burger activity, V went back inside the room to practice their dance. I already mentioned there was no function room, right? So they'd be dancing at the dining area!

Grimace appeared! The show is about to start. We took some pictures with Grimace and the kids first before the show.

They danced two songs. I later learned from V that the first performance they did was the Kiddie Crew dance craze.

Performance time! 

V graduated from the workshop that day and was presented with his certificates and pins. Yay!

So proud of you, son!

Final Verdict

It was V's first time to join this kind of workshop. I am glad that he's already old enough to join. He is now 7. He was able to follow instructions and complete tasks independently. If he was a little younger (I really wanted him to join this since he was 5 but circumstances prevented us), he may not have appreciated the tasks involved.

I was a little sad when there were no other kids registered on those days because he'd have no new kid friends. But it was a blessing in disguise because V had all the attention of the crew  to himself, it also gave him more time to man the front counter.

V was so happy with his kiddie crew experience he said he'd like to start working na. LOL!

FAQs from McDonald's website

1. What is the Kiddie Crew Workshop?
Kiddie Crew is an annual summer program run by McDonald’s where participants gain new skills, meet new friends, and experience a whole lot of learning and fun!

2. How long is the Kiddie Crew Workshop?
There are two types of workshop options to choose from – the weekday workshop runs for 5 days and each day will last for 2 hours each. While the new weekend workshop option is a 2-day workshop made of 3 hours each.

3. When is the Kiddie Crew Workshop?
Kiddie Crew 2018 will run from April 2 to June 22 with the following schedule options:

Weekday workshop:
Week 1: April 2-6
Week 2: April 9-13
Week 3: April 16-20
Week 4: April 23-27
Week 5: April 30-27
Week 6: May 7-11
Week 7: May 14-18
Week 8: May 21-25
Week 9: May 28-Jun 1
Week 10: Jun 4-8
Week 11: Jun 11-15
Week 12: Jun 18-22

Weekend workshop
Week 1: April 7-8
Week 2: April 14-15
Week 3: April 21-22
Week 4: April 28-29
Week 5: May 5-6
Week 6: May 12-13
Week 7: May 19-20
Week 8: May 26-27
Week 9: June 2-3
Week 10: June 9-10
Week 11: June 16-17

4. How old do my kids have to be to join the Kiddie Crew Workshop?
The Kiddie Crew workshop is specifically designed for kids aged 6-12 years old. Should you still wish to enroll your kids aged 4-5 years old, please provide a letter of intent addressed to the store’s Restaurant Manager. Note that kids below 6 years old should always be accompanied by a parent or guardian during all days of the workshop.

5. How do I register?
You can visit your nearest participating McDonald’s store, fill up the application form and pay the registration fee.

6. Can I choose my schedule and time slot?
Yes, however, reservation is on a first come first serve basis.

7. How much is the registration fee? What are the inclusions?
The registration fee for the weekday workshop is P695, inclusive of the ff:
Workshop t-shirt, cap, bag, ID with lace, apron, chef’s hat, scrapbook, and daily meals

The registration fee for the weekend workshop is P595, inclusive of the ff:
Workshop t-shirt, cap, bag, ID with lace, apron, chef’s hat, and daily meals

8. Can I register in any McDonald’s store?
There are 400+ stores running the Kiddie Crew Workshop. Simply visit and register in the McDonald’s store of your preference.

Check out V's McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop 2018 video:


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