Thankful: A Collection of What-Have-Yous in Q1 2018

A quarter of a year passed just like that! How time flies!

I am committed to be more grateful in my life and has started a quarter-review of things I am grateful for. You can read my first entry here.

Let me share with you some of the things I am thankful for for the months January to March of 2018.

Baby I's Milestone

On January 9, the feast of the Black Nazarene, our Baby I called me "Mama" for the first time. It felt so good to hear him call me. Mama is his first word.

Kuya V's 7th birthday

It seemed like it was only yesterday when my first born was left for a week in the hospital's NICU after he came out from me. I can still remember how worried I was when the doctors broke the news about him getting a pneumonia. Now he is an active, smart, responsible, and sweet son and big brother. I am blessed to have him homeschooled since birth and have witnessed all his milestones.

V's birthday cake from his grandmother

We celebrated his natal day at his Lola's house and we had a post-birthday celebration in Baguio.

Baguio Trip

We had a big family (we were 13 pax!) vacation in Baguio City last January 19-21. It was our first time to travel as a family of five for a road trip. The last time we had a road trip, Kuya V was just 3 years old.

And I still haven't blogged about our trip yet. Duh. Di ko pa pala nasusulat! Anyways, you can read on the blog about our strawberry picking in La Trinidad and my review of three brands of lengua de gato.


Another year has been added as I celebrated my birthday last February. I had a 3-day celebration. Haha! My in-laws brought me cake the day before, husband treated me with flowers and a gift on my birthday, and my side of the family hosted lunch for me a day after.

Happy birthday to me!

Age is just a number. But each time a year is added, I hope that I am better person than last year.


Who else had its birthday last February? This blog, of course!

Thankful to have a few people who read what I write. Kahit isa ka lang, masaya ako na andito ka sa blog ko! Salamat! :)

Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf book sale came for the first time here in the country and I sure was one of the many people who would not want to miss it. I was able to buy great deals on books that our Kuya V enjoys to read. I am thankful that we did not had a hard time shopping that morning; the baby was so cooperative. Thank you, Baby I...

My date as always

Connect 2018

I have been blogging for a few years now and have been tapped by a few brands for collaborations. However, I have not had any promising relationships with PR companies until this year. When my fellow mommy blogger friends SJ, Marie, and Berlin were attending PR company NGP's blogger night, I raised my hand (virtually, of course! Haha!) to join.

It was my first time, honestly, to attend such event and was clueless on what would be in the program. As always, I brought with me Baby I since Mr. PMW (my husband) would be looking after the two older kids.

We had a great time at the cocktail event and I truly appreciate the personal touch of the PR team with us, bloggers. We were more than just a pool of online potential marketers of their clients, to them, we are partners. And I really like that. I look forward to collaborating with NGP soon.

To Homeschool Again

A few times I have released through social media my frustrations with our homeschooling. I've had doubts and was already considering to place Kuya V in a traditional brick and mortar school.

However, God helps us to clear our minds, be reminded of our calling, and put people and situations in our lives to help us get through.

I claim that the days will get better. For I am now more aware to let go of my illusion of control, and was reminded of the whys we are homeschooling. Indeed in every struggle, you get to know more about yourself. It molds you. And I am thankful for the struggle we faced last week. If not for it, I would have still continued with my plans for next school year, we would still be in the same cycle of frustration. Now I know better. And I thank the Lord for the wisdom He has and continues to show me. My slate is clean again. My child is unique, therefore his learning experience should be, too, and not be conformed to how others are taught. I know in my heart that I am called to homeschool and I have to take that responsibility to the very core - that we follow the child. ***Read full text on my Facebook page*** #ThankfulWednesday #homeschool #homeschoolingVandZ #followthechild #homeschoolmom #homeschoolingph #momblogger #struggles #keepingitreal #realmom
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We will still homeschool this coming school year. It will be tough. There would be tears and there would be hurrahs. But I trust in Him and we will get through this. Aja!

Three kids: a baby, a toddler, and a gradeschooler. This is how we homeschool

I have submitted to our homeschool provider Kuya V's grades and we are now officially on summer vacation! Yay! I am so happy.

To be blessed by a family, a loving God, and true friends, are enough riches for me. But if I get more than that, why not, coconut? Hahaha! I have listed down my goals/resolutions for 2018 and I am hoping and working hard to achieve those.

I am excited for the second quarter to unfold.

Let me leave you with this quote: