Our Babywearing Journey

The world currently celebrates the International Babywearing Week. Last year, Z and I were able to attend the event of the Babywearing Philippines group at the University of the Philippines Diliman. This year though, we will just join the community at home - and babywear. Ha ha!

At least two years of wearing, owning 5 baby carriers, two kids... This is our babywearing journey.

I started babywearing with Z when she was three weeks old. Baby I was worn starting the day we were discharged from the hospital; he was 2 days old.

Before giving birth to Z, I have read lots of posts on babywearing and I hoped to do it, too, myself since we did not have any helper at home. Since then, I have worn my babies - except when my preggy belly was too big already in which case I used the baby carrier to help support my heavy pregnant tummy.

I made reviews of our first two carriers, SaYa Semi-stretch Knit and Next9 ring sling. You can read about them here.


I really loved my experience using SaYa baby carrier on Z that I bought a new one for Baby I. The SSK carrier is lightweight, easy to use, supports well, and presko for me and the baby.

My first SaYa was SSK in Magenta (size small) that I bought for Php950 at Mothering Earthlings. And the one I got for Baby I is SSK Tuwa that I bought from Mayumi & Me for Php950 as well. SaYa has not raised its price in two years. Cool!

Ring Sling

This is my most used baby carrier. I bought our Next9 Ring Sling at Wellworth (now Metro) Department store in UP Town Center for one thousand pesos.

I use ring sling at home or if I need to carry the baby at the playground or a nearby store. 

I use it whenever the baby is clingy or just wants to be rocked to sleep. It's easier to slip the baby off the carrier and on the crib or bed once he has dozed off.

I have also used this as a belly supporter when I was pregnant and it helped me a lot specially when we went malling and the weight was unbearable already. I "babywore" the child inside of me. Haha!

Mei Tai

I got Z a toddler mei tai from Lelliebubb when she was 9 or 10 months old. The weight of Z then was too much to bear on the shoulders when using a SaYa or a ring sling. I couldn't afford an SSC (soft-structured carrier) yet so I opted for the next best thing - a mei tai. I forgot how much I bought it for but I think it's around 1k-ish.

I really loved how comfy the Bubbatai is but I just mind the tali-tali. Ang haba. Eh pag nagkulit si Z, binaba, at kailangan na buhatin ulet, ayan na. Ang hirap na ulet itali. I am one of those who prefer seeing herself on the mirror when wearing a child.

I also only wear the mei tai if the place we'd be going to is airconditioned. Pawisin kasi ako. And I find the mei tai mainit kasi na din nga may naka cross sa likod ko kapag gamit ko iyun. Mainit yung material for me.

Soft-structured Carrier

After my experience with a mei tai, I have hoped hard for an SSC. But since Z was already walking (and running) that time, I shrugged it off.

Until I got pregnant again.

SSCs are not cheap. Ergonomic carriers, that is. There are SSCs you can buy at malls for less than 1K but they're not recommended. Ergonomic SSCs can range from 3.5k-10k. 

Yes, that expensive.

I have always eyed on getting something na hindi mainit sa katawan. So I was just looking at two brands: IMA (In My Arms) and Love & Carry since they are the ones that have mesh that helps air to pass through. Plus, sila yung mura. Haha! IMA is a local brand while Love & Carry is from Ukraine.

IMA has great prints while L&C were plain.

Love & Carry Air won.

So happy that the reseller of L&C here offers layaway program. You can reserve a carrier for 1K and just pay off the balance within 60 days before you can get the carrier. The carrier I got was for 4K and I took advantage of the layaway of Love & Carry Philippines. After paying 3 gives, I finally got our first SSC last month. Yay! 

Here's what I got for Baby I.

I also tried it on Z because her weight is still within the limit restrictions of the carrier.

Now we use the SaYa, ringsling, and the SSC. 

SaYa and ring sling are mostly used at home while the SSC is when we go out for a doctor's appointment or an event.

At the doctor's clinic. We forgot the drool pads, lampin muna :)

Thank goodness for babywearing!

I would not have survived (and still surviving) a life without a helper at home if not for it. Babywearing has helped me manage my home, manage the kids when we are out, and it gives me great pleasure to bond with my child.

Babywearing has been available for hundreds of years. Our ancestors were geniuses in inventing babywearing. I hope I had the guts and patience to use woven wraps. Oh those beautiful prints! Kaso tamad ako mag wrap. Yun talaga yun.

Have you ever tried babywearing?


  1. I have two kids pero hindi ko po naranasan gumamit ng baby wearing. hahah Hindi po kasi uso sa bundok ganda. hehhe Buhat talaga gamit ang malaki ko na braso. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

  2. Nakakatuwa momshie ang dami mong natry na baby wearing.. Laking tulong satin mga nanay pag may gamit tayong baby wearing kasi makakakilos tayo ng maayos.yes nakatry na ko yung galing sayo hehee.. Nahirapan ako nung una kasi medyo nalito ako sa pagtali pero ngayon medyo ok na.. Nakuha kona ang technic πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œthank you momshie kasi hindi nadin ako nanghihiram at hindi nadin ako hirap kargahin si bunso.. Lalo na pag aalis kami.


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