Snowmaiden: A Russian Love Story

Snegurochka or popularly known as Snow Maiden, is one of Russia's most loved fairytale characters. A girl made of snow whose life takes a different turn after discovering love. This story has been told in many storybooks, plays, ballets, operas, and movies throughout Russian history.

This year, another adaptation of the story makes its debut in the Philippines. 

We had the opportunity to watch the show last Friday morning at the Sky Dome in SM North Edsa. The show was at 9AM and we were glad that we made it before the show started amidst the Friday traffic rush hour we had to go through. I was surprised to see the venue jampacked with students from different schools. As it turned out, they were groups on field trips.

I already had an idea that there would be acrobats on the show but my, I was in for a surprise!

How would I describe the show?

It was a mix of everything!

There was animation, a live sand painting, acrobats, dancers, aerial dancers, a very good singer, and comedy.

My son was all eyes on the show and my worry was he'd might do some of those tricks at home.

Uh-oh. I better watch him closely.

I caught V a few times throwing his arms into the air in excitement and awe of the show. He was amazed by the aerial dancers in particular.

These were some of the performances:

Cyr Wheel

Exotic performance with the use of an aluminum ring that resembles an oversized hula-hoop. Rolling the heavy ring on its edge while performing acrobatic moves in and around the rotating wheel.

Silk Duo

Performed by a couple suspended a few meters above the ground, secured only by silk bands, this high intensity acrobatic routine combines breathtaking stunts and beautiful aerial choreography that brings out a symphony of emotions from both the performers and audience.

Cyr Wheel

I particularly like that the show interacted with the audience. There were moments when they went down the stage to take selfies, asked guests to do tricks with them, it was entertainingly hilarious.

Not sure if it was because of the audio or the crowd's noise, I really had a hard time understanding the storyline.

Aside from that, the only thing I hoped they could do better is to lengthen the show. The show ran for just a little over an hour. I wanted to see more! Haha! More tricks, more acrobats, more aerial dancing!

Overall, we enjoyed the show and recommend it to anyone who has kids and has a kid-at-heart. The show will run at SM Sky Dome until February 2018.

For more information on the show and where to buy tickets, you may check D'Ultimate Facebook page here.


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