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Are you just like me who counts food intake using the number of cups you consumed? That has been my habit for the longest time. I have heard about counting calories, but for a stay-at-home mom who juggles chores, homeschool, play, work, and caring for an accident-prone 3-year old - who has the time to think about that? Good thing that healthy food subscriptions are becoming a trend in the Philippine market. One of them is The Good Box.

I have been struggling lately with my weight not only because I don't darn look as good as I was before, but because it has made my body increasingly unhealthy. 

The team behind The Good Box encourages natural and healthier lifestyles by providing calorie-based meals delivered right to your doorsteps, five days a week. There are six calorie menus you can choose from: 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100, 2400, and 2700. If you have no idea what menu you should choose, they have an in-house nutritionist to advise you; or you can check their calorie requirement chart online that shows estimated energy requirements for an individual depending on your gender, age, and lifestyle.

Aside from the calorie-measured menu, they also offer special menu programs like South Beach Diet.

You can check their prices here.

My 1-day Menu

The Good Box sent me a full-day 1200 calorie menu that I devoured last Monday. The meals were delivered on Sunday night and were placed in microwavable containers and stacked in an eco bag. There's also a note included where the names of the meals were written as well as the calorie for each.

Breakfast: (350kcal)
Apple-Cinnamon Rolls

Quite frankly, I was initially shocked that my menu included rolls for breakfast and pasta for dinner. One would think, "Shouldn't we eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper?" Then I checked my list - oh - my breakfast has the biggest caloric content. Okay, I told myself to trust the chefs and nutritionists.

I am not a coffee person at all but surprisingly, I was able to finish the whole serving. I prefer drinking green tea in the morning. As for the rolls, it was a bit tough when I ate it. Nevertheless, the taste is good, it wasn't too sweet, just perfect. 

Morning Snack: 100kcal
Grilled Ratatouille Salad

Remember the Disney movie Ratatouille? This dish has eggplants, tomato and zucchinis. 

Lunch: 330kcal
Persian-Inspired Fish with Couscous
Mixed Vegetables

I pretty much enjoyed the mixed vegetables, but not the couscous. I wished they included on the note what kind of fish they used. It tasted like Maya-maya, though. 

Afternoon Snack: 90kcal
Baked Apple Slices

I really liked this snack - all the goodness of apple with just the right sweetness added to it.

Dinner: 280kcal
Spaghetti with Olive and Mint Pesto
Vegetables in Vinaigrette

Whenever my husband asks what pasta I would like to cook, it's almost certain that I will say pesto pasta. That's why I was disappointed when dinner came and the spaghetti with olive and mint pesto did not match my expectations. The taste was a bit bland. Maybe it was really made that way because it's supposed to be healthier? I dunno. Anyway, I enjoyed my veggies in vinaigrette.

My advice for those who would like to subscribe to healthy and nutritious food deliveries, get your palates ready. I mostly enjoyed eating the vegetables in my menu. But for those who are not fans of greens, you need to tell yourselves that eating healthy means eating your veggies! In addition, there will be servings on your menu that you may not be familiar with - like couscous - a traditional dish from North Africa. It was my first time to try this and I can say that I was overwhelmed with the taste. The meals made were carefully selected and cooked by chefs and nutritionists to keep them healthy and nutritious, so sometimes they may not taste like your everyday Pinoy meals.

The Good Box PH
105 Hawaii St., Pasig Greenpark, Pasig City
Telephone: 0917-7111732
Twitter: @thegoodboxph

**Disclosure: The Good Box PH sent me their meals for review. All opinion stated here all based on my experience**