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"Play is the work of a child." - Maria Montessori

Eventhough I understood the essence of play in the development of my children, I still worry about  them getting hurt. And that includes bruises from running, jumping, playing, slipping, and bumping. Ate Z in particular is always a candidate of accidents. I lost count already of the accidents she had experienced from toddler to present. She had bruises on her legs in particular and even with first aid, it took days for those to heal on their own.

The kids are not usually bothered with their bruises when they have them until they press it and feel again the pain as it heals. There was even a time when they took an interest in observing the color of the skin as it heals. "Bakit pink? Bakit purple? Yellow?" 


I was in my early 20s when I bought my first tub of Hirudoid. It was during this time when I  started being conscious of the varicose veins that have began appearing on my legs. Hirudoid has helped me in managing the swelling of my varicose veins. 

Recently, I learned that we can also use Hirudoid in treating bruises. This is very handy for a mother with three energetic kids who get skin trauma from playing. As an adult, I also get contusions every now and then from house chores. I sometimes bump my my arms or legs from chairs, bed frames, and yes, toys.

Hirudoid contains MPS (Mucopolysaccharide polysulphate) which has clinically documented properties that help the promotion of tissue regeneration and reduction of swelling and inflammation. This is how Hirudoid accelerates the healing time of bruises.

Created to help #LoseTheBruise, Hirudoid is clinically-proven to heal bruises 50% faster so we don't  have to worry about the pain lingering.

Our family deserves to get back on track and not let any bruise affect our everyday activities.

Hirudoid comes in 2 sizes: 14g at Php299 and 40g at Php669. 

Hirudoid is available at Mercury Drug, Med Express, and Watsons.


  1. I think this is a must try sa ating mga mommy na may toddler.. tulad ng anak ko babae pero sobra likot.. minsan pag paliliguan or bibihisan ko makikita ko nalang may bagong pasa or sugat.. i will add this to our grocery list para matry soon 😍 thankyou for sharing petite momma! ❤

    1. You're welcome! Effective sya mommy. Nagkapasa ako nung Dec 31, wala na yung pain kinabukasan :)

    2. Papabili ako kay hubby haha pasain din ako kasi mababa pula ng dugo ko 😅

  2. Gusto ko rin po ma try ito dahil yung mga maliliit na Varicose Veins ko po eh at para na rin po sa bunso ko na napaka hyper din po. May ganito po pala na cream..

  3. Super ganda siguro nito gamitin ma lalo na sa varicose veins bet ko lalo na para sa lola ko puro varicose veins

  4. Thank you for sharing this blog mommy. Ngayon alam ko na kung ano ang igagamot ko kapag nasugatan ang makulit kong anak sa katatakbo. Mag 2 yrs old na po kase siya , ngayon pa nga lang sobrang bilis na niya tumakbo kaya nakakatakot kapag nadadapa siya. Thank you po ulit! 😊

    1. My pleasure! Super galing ng Hirudoid ang bilis gumaling ng pasa namin :)


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