Christmas Gift Ideas from Online Stores this 2020

The new normal has shifted mall shoppers to e-commerce and this industry is developing faster than the previous years. Necessity is the mother of all inventions as they say, and we are all pushed to find ways to achieve our business goals. This year I won't be visiting malls as much as I used to but will be relying mostly on my smartphone. As I shop for this joyous season, I would like to share with you some Christmas gift ideas from online stores this year.

Menu Planner

When the community quarantine was enforced, a big number of my friends on Facebook became cooks and bakers. Creative juices flowed from all corners of the country and mundane days were adjusted to restaurant-worthy dining at home. Everyone just wants to create wonderful dishes for the family. The Filipino Homemakers can help cooks plan their menu with their wonderfully crafted menu planner - THE ONLY planner made by homemakers for the homemaker. 

  • Plan your weekly meals in just 15 minutes and spend more time with your family
  • Impress your loved ones and friends with beautifully crafted holiday meals
  • Save money by buying only the items you need at home with the pantry inventory pages
  • Be healthier by closely monitoring your meals every week
  • Never forget another ingredient when you shop for your next holiday’s get-together with the shopping list included in your holiday menu planning

A free digital menu-plan will be given for every purchase. Visit the page to order. 

The Ultimate Menu Planner

Subscription Boxes for Preschoolers

Another alternative to toys as gifts are subscription boxes. Our favorite is Parkwood Playschool's subscription boxes for 5-year-olds. We have an unboxing video about it which you can view here:

They also have boxes for kids ages 2-3 year olds and for 4-year-olds. 

And guess what? They have a special Christmas Busy Box this month!

One of the activities from Parkwood Playschool's Christmas Busy Box

To order, DM their Instagram:

UV Bags

Almost everyone, specially moms, became germophobic this year because of the corona virus, and for a very good reason. In fact, the essentials now inside our houses include products for sterilization such as UV products. UV Protect Philippines offers different products that uses UVC (ultraviolet light)  which can be used for disinfecting and sterilizing, and can kill over 99.99% of germs in a short amount of time. Their UVC LED Silver Disinfection bags is perfect for everyone on the go. Take advantage of their sale until December 31. To order, please DM their Instagram account:

UVC LED Silver Disinfection bag (w/o strap)

Room and Linen Spray

Everyone's home!!! This also means more mess and yes, sometimes the icky yucky stuff that comes with more people living and moving inside a the house. As a person who enjoys tranquility and fresh aroma, a room and linen spray is a go-to arsenal of moms. 

I have always loved the scents of Belle En Blanc Parfums and now they have room and linen sprays in their line of products. They also have customizable perfumes, a wide variety of gift selection from mini perfumes, hand sanitizers, fragrance lotion, scented candles, to unique perfume bottles. Another plus about this store is that the products are all ready for gifting when handed out to customers. Ms. Jade Bejosa, the person behind this woman-powered business has been on Bloomberg Philippines where she shared about her passion and entrepreneur journey. 

To order, visit her Instagram:

Belle en Blanc Parfums - Room and Linen Spray

Coffee Beans/Grinds

Who can't start their morning without coffee? A lot! 

And when ask where's the best coffee in the country, surely it will be Kapeng Barako. Barakolandia is your go-to store for authentic kapeng barako delivered with love. They have an in-house service called Barakolandia Express, this way buyers save money in shipping fees. Barkolandia also offers coffee set packages where you can add a box and personal message - gift-ready!

To order, text Barakolandia at 09286889971 or message them on their Instagram account:


Neem Tree Oil for the Plantitos and Plantitas

I grew up with neem tree planted around our house. My parents taught me that these unassuming plants can ward off insects naturally. ProPlanet, a store in Shopee is offering 100% pure neem oil for plants. Their neem oil is certified organic by the US Dept of Agriculture which you can use for your organic garden and farm. Click the image below to view product on Shopee.

Gift Wrapping Materials

Gifts need not be bought from stores, we can create them! You can check out the Allmart Shop in Shopee that sells gift wrapping materials such as kraft papers, fillers, and even from Santa stickers! Click the hypelinks below for each of the products:

Box Fillers

Kraft Paper

From Santa sticker

Check their other products at their store:

Wireless Charger

I have been a Huawei user for more than a year now and this product caught my attention - a wireless car charger that is compatible to my Huawei smartphone. It's currently on sale at Lazada under ScriptRepublic. To order, click the image below to direct you to Lazada.

Huawei wireless fast car charger

Digital Application for Kids

For our kids and godchildren, we can opt to give them digital gifts that will help their home education. One of our favorites right now is the Night Zookeeper application. Night Zookeeper is an online tutoring service and gamified learning platform that inspires a love of creative writing in children. Our son is loving the application and it has increased his interests in writing and improved his grammar in just a few weeks. Night Zookeeper is offering a 50% discount on annual subscriptions. Click the image below to know more:

Night Zookeeper review
Click the image to get 50% off on subscription

Devotionals for Kids

Listen up, godparents! We, godparents, were tasked to lead our godchildren in Christian values. And one way we can do so is by gifting them devotional books. I got these from Shopee. Click the photos to be directed to Shopee shop.

Devotionals for preschoolers
Devotions for Preschoolers


Got this on sale for 100 pesos only

What other online gift ideas do you have in mind? Please comment down and you might help me and other readers find the ideal gift for our loved ones this Christmas.


  1. Magandang gift idea nga po itong mga nabanggit niyo po sa blog.. mag eenjoy at matutuwa po ang mga kids dito po.

  2. Thankyou for sharing this ideas ma .. pwede din etong ipang gift sa mga magbibirthday ❤


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