Taking Care of Your Child's Oral Health with Colgate Baby and Colgate Kids Premium Line

Taking care of our baby and toddler's teeth and gums start even before their milk teeth appear. And although these teeth will not stay long for a while, it is important that we keep their oral health in check as baby teeth hold spaces open for permanent teeth, form the shape of our child's face, helps them to talk, and makes eating and chewing easier.

Here are some oral health tips for babies and toddlers:

  • Do not put your baby to sleep with a bottle
  • As much as possible, ditch the bottle once a child is 1 year old; use a sippy cup by 6 months
  • Babies and toddlers do not need sweet drinks
  • Give healthy meals and snacks
  • Supervise toothbrushing until age 7
  • Brush using age-appropriate toothpaste like Colgate

Colgate has launched its baby and kids premium line here in the Philippines. Protect our kids against cavities and strengthen the softer enamel of little teeth with Colgate Baby Toothbrush (age 0-12 months), Colgate Baby Toothpaste (age 0-2 years old) and Colgate Kids Toothpaste (age 3-5 years old). 

Colgate Baby Toothpaste
Colgate Baby and Colgate Kids

Colgate Baby and Colgate Kids are:
  • 0% artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, & colors
  • Kid-Friendly natural flavor
  • Age-appropriate fluoride level
Grow up smiling together with Colgate Baby and Colgate Kids. Available at Shopee download now your free app at Google Play or App Store.


  1. Kaya mas love ng kids po natin si Colgate kase talagang yung lasa niya eh gustong gusto nila at hindi masama sa kanila kapag nalunok po nila.


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