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With the ongoing pandemic, parents are now, more than ever, particular with their children's health and education. It's interesting to see a lot of parents who are shopping online to get the best materials and products that their children can get to prepare them for distance learning and homeschooling. 

More than the lessons and learning materials, it is important to understand our children's modalities of learning so we can adapt to their needs.  Our preferred modality of learning helps us to concentrate and retain information. Parents who have become our children's main educators this year must learn that our child has a learning style but that doesn't mean that's the only learning style where they can learn. Many experts agree that these learning styles overlap with each other and while we focus on their preferred learning modality, we should give our children opportunities to learn with all these learning styles.

What are the different learning styles?

"The secret of education lies in respecting the student." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

We will focus on the four modalities of learning:

Visual Learner

A student who is a visual learner processes information well in the visual mode. He remembers what he has seen than what she has heard. He learns best with materials that they can see and watch like graphs, photos, posters, demonstrations, and videos.

Auditory Learner

An auditory learner prefers for a teacher to explain a lesson. He enjoys songs, chants, being read to, story telling, audio books, and conversations. They are usually good at imitating sounds and voice of others. They get distracted by noise.

Tactile Learner

A tactile learner remembers best that which he has touched or handled. You may notice them doodling while listening. They enjoy learning using manipulatives.

Kinesthetic Learner

A kinesthetic learner remembers best when he is moving, not necessarily hyperactive. Even when sitting, this student uses a lot of hand gestures as he speaks. Or when doing an activity, he often stands than sitting down.

How to help our kids at home?

Learning happens anywhere and any time. Whether our children is attending an online class or you are homeschooling, they need to be ready mentally, emotionally, and physically. As we invest in our learning materials and furniture, we should not forget the health of our children. 

We need to make sure that they are BIBO Panalo: B-rain, I-mmunity, and BO-nes. Giving them milk such as Lactum helps them prepare for all the playing, learning, and bonding throughout the day. Lactum is readily available through Shopee, just download the free Shopee app via Google Play or App Store.

Our role as parents in this home education is to invite learning opportunities and offer a nurturing and supportive environment for our children.