Essential Oil Blends that Works for My Family

Growing up, I had no qualms taking medicines when I get sick. I know the common over-the-counter medicines most parents have in their cabinets ready just in case. I also had my fair share of taking oregano concoctions, too.

In college, I lived away from my family and had to look after my health more because I need to be responsible of my own body. It was during this time I got conscious about my health and read about the natural ways to keep the body strong and healthy. Moving into adulthood, whenever I feel something strange in my body, I don't go to the medicine cabinet right away and pop a pill. I explore other ways naturally to heal. My go-to herbal remedies were ginger, garlic, calamansi, and honey. And yes, I like eating raw onions, too.

Now that I have my own kids, I worry about the medicines from the pharmacy. I know they are safe, yes. But I wanted my kids' bodies to heal the way nature intended. It's pretty obvious they can't do yet most of the things I do like munching raw garlic, so I got curious about essential oils that were a buzz on my social media feed a couple of years ago.

I have been using lavender oils before to help me go to sleep but I didn't understand then that what I buy at the department store isn't pure lavender oil. As I read more posts from friends and strangers, I learned further about oils. I knew in my heart that we can use these help from nature for some ailments at home like allergic rhinitis.

Frankly, I was taken aback by the cost of a set for these oils being sold in the market. I can save for it, but I just felt that I am not the oilbularyo to blend these oils. I need to be honest to myself - that's not me (well, for now I guess).

The first essential oil blends I got was from Super Momma. Her blend worked really well on Kuya V's allergy sniffles. The next blends I got was from a parenting seminar I attended; I got a blend that's for calming your nerves.

In the next few weeks, I found a post of an acquaintance from a few years back. She was selling her essential oil blends online. She is Mommy Katrina of OilyblendsmomPH. I was intrigue of her post about Sleep Tight: an EO blend to help you get to sleep. This was the first bottle I ordered from her.

OilyblendsmomPH uses Young Living 100% pure essential oils diluted in Sweet Almond Oil. Their blends are used topically and not to be diffused.

Before using the EO blends from OilyblendsmomPH, my kids V and Z would take 3 hours at night before they'd feel sleepy. But when I started applying this EO blend, in less than an hour they are all sound asleep. Amazing! Finally something natural that can help calm these energizer bunnies and lull them to sleep. I tried it on myself and husband as well and it helped us get to sleep easier.

The Sleep Tight blend was surprising that through the next year I have at least six different oil blends from Mommy Katrina. My favorite blends that I keep ordering are Sleep Tight and Allergy Bomb. The Allergy Bomb is what I use instead of taking antihistamines. It helps me control my allergy sniffles in the morning.

Another thing that I liked about OilyblendsmomPH is that they have a note of reminders for every order you purchase, perfect for those who are starting with EO. On the sticker on the bottle are instructions as well on how to apply the blends. Moreover they have this cute little pouch which is handy specially when we travel.

The bottles I buy are 10mL in volume and costs 250 pesos each.

essential oil blends in the philippines

As of writing I have these EO blends:
  • Sleep Tight
  • Goodbye Anxiety
  • Fever Down
  • Allergy Bomb
  • Cold and Flu Bomb
  • Allergic Rhinitis
  • Itch Away
  • Relax

Aside from the different EO blends that they offer, they can also customize a blend for you, just sent them a PM through Instagram or Facebook.

Are you also using essential oils? How about EO blends? What is your favorite?

Oilyblends Mom PH