Baby Sign Language at Home

All my kids were taught sign language when they were babies. Baby sign language has helped me and my husband communicate better with our babies when they were still not speaking words. Although we do not have any backgrounds in sign language, we were able to come up with a system that works for our kids.

What is Baby Sign Language?

Baby sign language is the use of manual signing (hands or gestures) so that babies can communicate their needs even before they could start talking. Signing helps babies "say" what they want and parents won't be helpless trying to figure out what their child needs.

Some start signing to their babies at six months but for us, the earliest that I started to sign was at 7 months old (this was my daughter Z). Z started signing back at 8-9 months old.

Here's our Z when she was 12 months old:

Kuya V on the other hand started late, he was already 14 months when we did sign language. But it helped us to potty train him. He was already out of nappies during day time before he turned a year and a half.

With Bunso, I started signing at 8 months and he began to sign back after two months. Of all my kids, Bunso is the one who prefers pointing at something instead of signing. Haha! As of writing (he is now 24 months old) he no longer signs for bath or milk since he can say those words already. His favorite signs though are "eat" and "more". We are still working on the sign for pee and poop.

How Do You Sign?

Here's a video of my Facebook live explaining the benefits of baby sign language, the common signs you can use, and the signs we use at home.