Sulit-Tipid at Pinoy Homeschooling Online Summit 2019

When I learned more about homeschooling about 6 years ago, I wanted to join a number of seminars and workshops about it but I always end up not going since we do not have a helper and we have no one to leave our son with. Fast forward to today, I am glad that more opportunities to learn about homeschooling are now available to parents like me who have to stay at home.

Presenting to you is the very first homeschooling online summit this June by Sulit-Tipid Pinoy Homeschooling. I have personally met a good friend in homeschooling, Mommy Bernice Garcia, who has been leading this advocacy to have homeschooling be available to more Filipinos. A lot of Pinoys think that homeschooling is just for the rich and just like Bernice, I'd like to defunct that myth. Any Filipino family can homeschool their children if they are called to it.

WHAT: Sulit-Tipid at Pinoy Homeschooling Online Summit 2019

Theme: Kapit-Bisig para Sulit-Tipid

WHEN: June 6, 7 and 8, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the requirements?

Mobile phone o laptop, internet connection, and fully accomplished registration form.

2. Do I need to go to a venue?

No need to go somewhere else as long as you have an internet connection. You have unlimited access and you can watch many times you want as long as you paid for the registration. Relax and chill while you watch!

3. How can I join?

Just pay the registration fee with our payment details. Answer the registration form and send it with a copy of your proof of payment.

Regular Rate: 1,499Php
Buddy-Buddy Rate (2 pax): 2,500Php (Discount of 500Php)
First 50 enrollees will get 10% discount in our Nuts and Bolts Level 1 Online course.

- Lifetime access to the STPH Online Summit 2019
- Group chat access
- Online Loot Bag: free downloadable - worksheets, activity sheets, and vouchers
- Maxicare Card for one kid - MyMaxicare LITE Plan 1599
You can click the link to see the details of the card.


With more than 30 speakers and unlimited access to the materials, this is worth attending.

Are you already homeschooling? Or are you interested to learn more about homeschooling?