Salt and Water Cure

Every Chinese New Year we see a lot of Filipinos buying charms for good health and luck. For our family, we have been using the Feng Shui salt and water cure for five years now. Since we have placed this cure in our house, no one in the family has been hospitalized due to sickness. My husband also believes the cure has absorbed the negative energies when it comes to money.

There are some articles I have read that mentioned to change the annual salt and water cure according to Chinese solar calendar and not the lunar new year. I hardly know feng shui and I would suggest you consult a Chinese friend or an expert in this field. But for us, we have been changing it every Chinese New Year


A lot of ancient cultures believe that salt is a cleansing agent - warding off evil spirits and negative energies. With the addition of the water and metal, they say it activates a powerful cleansing of negative chi.

How we create our salt and water cure

Ingredients are
Rock salt
Container (we use glass)
6 Chinese coins
Aluminum foil
Mat or saucer

Chinese coins


1. Fill 3/4 of your container with rock salt.
2. Place the 6 Chinese coins on top of the salt. The coins should be placed with the Yang side up (side with the four Chinese characters). My brother-in-law tied the coins with a wire.

3. Fill the container with clean water up up to the top.
4. We covered the container with an aluminum foil that was poked to make holes.
5. Place the cure in a place where it is open (not inside the cabinet) and not easily reached by kids. This 2019, we placed our cures at the Southwest and Northeast areas of our house. Tip: your mobile phone as a compass, you can use that.

I have always believed that everything God created has an energy in it. With faith in God, prayer, and this cure, we can ward-off negative energies in our home.


  1. Wow! im sure matutuwa si hubby at gagawin nya to pag pinakita q. 😁😁😁 thank you mommy for this info.😊

    1. You're welcome. I hope maging maganda din ang effects ng cure sa family ninyo.

  2. Thanks for sharing this., need namin to in our home.

  3. Wow! Saktong sakto mahilig si mader sa mga ganito. ☺ For cleansing talaga

  4. Thanks for sharing this tips, mukhang kailngan ko na ito sa bahay namin para maiwasan ang mga negative vibes

  5. I badly need this one mommy to release bad vibes in our home.. And positive vibes lang always.. Sarap po siguro sa pakiramdam ito.. Since, simple lang naman yung mga kailangan, nakatry nga po nito sa bahay.. Thanks mommy

  6. Wow ang ganda po pala nito momsh .. Badly need this for our home para puro good vibes nlang .. Thank you for sharing momsh ..


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