15 Ideas on How to Date Your Kids

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Bo Sanchez dates his kids individually. I can't recall which book of his that I read that discussed about this dating-your-kid thingy. But of all the many things I could learn and recall from his writings, this one was the most that touched my parent-heart. I knew that I should be doing this to my kids. One-on-one date with your kids can do wonders to your relationship.

When Kuya V was an only child, we would normally date at 7-11. And when his siblings came, the dates came less and then last year, I was not able to date him. This year my goal is to date each of the kids at least once a month.

Why date your kid?

Parenting can be so hard. We spend a lot of time and energy trying to provide for the needs of our children that sometimes we forget that we should be spending time - the uninterrupted, no phones, no other siblings, no spouse around - with each one of them. Kids grow up so fast. Time and memories made are the best treasures we can give to them.

How do we make a child feel special?

By spending one-on-one time with them.

Spending an hour or two with a child individually, we can learn more about them. We can talk, ask questions, share ideas, have good laughs - just like in a date. We send a message to them that they are special and we are allotting a you-and-me time for our relationship. The time we spend alone with each of them will sum up to a child who feels loved. And we want that for our kids, right? We want them to know and remember that whatever happens, even if they grow up, we will always love them.

Mom and daughter date with Z at her favorite place: Jollibee!

Investing on our relationships with our kids can help us now and in the future. They begin to trust us more, understand our rules and decisions. And in my experience, it lessens the bad behaviors of my kids. Sometimes they act badly because they are hungry for our attention. And when we give them our undivided (no phones please!) attention, their behaviors change for the better.

Stronger relationships with children makes a family stronger.

Date Ideas

So how do you date your kid? Simple. Spend time alone with them - no siblings, no other parent, no phones. It can be as simple as eating ice cream at 7-11 which we always do, or do activities together like biking one afternoon. The goal is to spend time with your child one-on-one.

It can be a challenge if you have babies who are clingy, like me. Now that our 1-year-old Bunso can be left at home without Mommy for a few hours, I can squeeze-in some you-and-me time with the other two kids. My tip: sneak out when your baby is taking a nap.

Here are other date ideas you can do with your child:

1. Take a walk in the neighborhood

2. Eat at a nearby coffee shop

3. Ice cream treat at 7-11

4. Go biking

5. Go to Daiso or Japan Home and pick up something that your child likes

6. Borrow a book together at the local library

7. Go to the park and play together

8. For bigger kids, you can enroll in a class and learn together

9. Watch a movie

10. Head to an amusement park or an arcade place

11. Have a picnic

12. Head to your child's favorite restaurant (Jollibee at McDo madalas!)

13. Have a pedicure together (goals ko ito with Z in the future)

14. Play a board game 

15. Go and have your photo taken in a studio

The list is endless of the things you can do with our child. Also, ask them what would they want to do for your next date, it would be something memorable for sure!


  1. Thank you for this tips mommy. I will tell it to my hubby nga to go out with my daughter dahil lage nagrerequest mag watch ng movie at dahil nga may maliit aq di pa kmi makapasok ng sinehan even every week e nasa mall kmi.Wish q lang din e makaalis sila .hahaha 😂😂 E kasi nmn gusto nila lage aq kasama. 😅😅😅

    1. Yes, momma. Ako din I am encouraging my husband to date individually ang mga kids. And he enjoys din na sa kanya lang naka atensyon ang bata instead na puro Mama Mama Mama. Hahaha!

  2. Made me smile.. kasi i'm on the right track. Itong 14months old Zeke ko lang din ang lagi kong ka-"date" hehe lagi ko syang kasama kahit saan. I am somehow excited na lumaki pa sya at pwede na kami sa movie date, or mag bike sya sa park.. mga ganun.

  3. Salamat po sa mga tips momshie, halos lahat naggawa nmn po namin ngayon nakakahiligan ng 9yr old kid ko ang chess lagi nya kami niyaya makipaglaro hehe sabi ko dun sya sa daddy nya makilaro mas magaling yun sakin hehe 💓 fb Queenie Mance

  4. Thanks for sharing a wonderful tips momshie... Hindi ko kasi kasama mga anak ko dito Manila... Pero sinisigurado ko po pag nakapagbakasyon ako, we go out for a date.. yung bonding moment with them.. Sinusulit ang araw na kasama ko sila.. The best!!!

  5. thanks for the tip momshie...we always play ng mga kids ko before kaso now hnd na maxado kc may baby...

  6. Thanks mommy! =) I now realize how important time is especially when spending it with your child! =) so much love.. I had a daughter and one baby is coming soon so hopefully I.can manage to date them both..

  7. Thank you mommy sa tips,na excite na tuloy ako sa date namin ni baby..😍😍😍😍

  8. Wow thanks sa tips momshie. Super. Helpful nito. ☺

  9. Love the ideas. Mga kids ko hindi naman mapili at madali lang maaliw kung san namin dadalhin. Excited sila kapag lumalabas kaming apat.

  10. WOw thanks for this info mommy aminado naman ako na araw araw ko kasama mga anak ko tapos hatid sundo ko pa sila sa school then itong si baby ko oras oras bonding namin lalo na pag breastfeed time...💕💕💕

  11. Nung wala pa si bunso. Me and my eldest went to a nail spa.
    Si bunso basta makalabas ng bahay masaya na.
    But I'l try to date them separately more :)

  12. thank you for the tips,yes bukas kami ng mga anak ko magdate, kain ng ice cream since favorite namin yun,wala pa si hubby nasa work pa..��

  13. Thank you for the tips mom! Mamaya mag walking kami. Wag na mag daiso.. hahaha jusko lahat gusto. Ang ending walang napili. 😂

  14. Woah. thank you for the tips mommy. I'm excited to date my son. He's 3 months pa lang kase, looking forward to date with him. For now, I'm enjoying every milestone he had.

  15. Thanks for the ideas Momsh. As a solo parent,I always make a way too na makapag bond kami ng anak ko Lalo na I'm working. And Fridays and Sundays lang kmi together. I try na once a week may mom and son date kami.


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