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My family don't usually celebrate Mother's Day. We are okay with just greetings, to be honest. We dread the influx of people at malls and restaurants on this special day and we prefer to be at home and just chill. But when the opportunity arose for me to spend an early mother's day celebration with fellow moms at Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMoms), I just couldn't resist.

Half a Decade of being a SAHM

Last month marked my fifth year of being a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). Prior to officially leaving the corporate office life, I was already working from home once a week - a setup my American boss and I had. And when our nanny left, I had no choice but to resign because I can't leave for office for 4 days a week. Although my boss was open to home-based work, the management wasn't.

A few months into being a SAHM, I joined groups in Facebook for homebased Filipinos hoping to get tips on how I can also add to the family's income while at home.

I was not successful.

And so I focused my energy on building my blog and joining online communities.

Then friends who have businesses needed my skill set contacted me. And they became my first and only clients.

I never really considered my job to them as work since I applaud them for their advocacy in helping others and I felt that it was also my duty to help them help others - that's actually I think what my best quality is. Hehe. Working for them was my way of helping the people they help.

Fast forward to today, I still help them on their businesses while I'm at home. I've turned down a couple of other online work opportunities, eventhough they would pay better, simply because my first and foremost job is to look after my kids. I'd like to have the extra moolah but I only have one body and 24 hours a day. Perhaps I already would and could take new jobs after a few months or maybe next year. Because deep in my heart, I want to learn more and add new skills to my list.

Filipina Homebased Moms

It was only recently that I got to be part of the Facebook group, Filipina Homebased Moms (FHMoms) and I immediately and genuinely felt the sincerity and camaraderie of the group. There was no need for a tagline telling that they help each other out because you could see it in every post and in every comment. All these moms who are all busy in their own lives are sharing their time and knowledge to help other moms. Walang mga ere, walang bashing, walang maling tanong. Lahat nagtutulong tulong. 

I am one of those silent readers. Quietly threading their world and clapping as I read their comments and posts.

All women who received answers and got online jobs are paying it forward.

There's so much positivity in this group, saying my faith in humanity has been restored is an understatement.

FHMoms Mother's Day

It was a fine Saturday afternoon last May 12 at Mom and Tina's restaurant in Pasig. Moms with their kids joined the much anticipated FHMoms Mother's Day event sponsored by Pampers.

Baby I accompanied me at the event and we arrived a few minutes late.

There were talks by work-at-home moms (WAHMs) on Tamang Kain, how to avoid stress from being a wife, turning your passion into purpose, and homeschooling.

Mommy MK, founder of Filipina Homebased Moms

Kids busy with their activity

work from home mom
Lovely mommy bloggers at our table
Photo Credit: FHMoms FB page

Photo Credit: FHMoms FB page

Experiment time! Choose Pampers

We also had a demo/experiment on Pampers, and got to bring home diapers, too.

I had a great time meeting new people, learning new tips, and connecting with amazing women who do amazing things for their families.

An Online Revolution of Work at Home Moms

It was a movement of moms helping other moms and I am happy to have witnessed and be a part of it.

I look forward to learning new skills with this group, connect with more mind-like women, and hopefully be able to inspire and pay it forward to others.

To know more about FHMoms, visit their Facebook page:


  1. Recently joined FHMoms and I like the culture within the community - Moms helping one another and those lucky to have found work are paying forward.

  2. I was invited by Madz de Leon to join the group just recently. Very friendly at magaan talaga ang atmosphere sa group. I am looking forward to learn more.

  3. It was nice meeting you Mommy! Looking forward to see you again soon. :)

  4. Nice one, madaming matutulungang mommies and syempre hindi lang yun, mag gain din ng mommy friends


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