Starting New Year Resolutions in February

I read somewhere that new year's resolutions should start in February since January is considered the free-trial period. Ha! Ha! And I think I am one of those people who'd like to believe that.

Creating resolutions has not been a habit of mine but this 2018, I am committed to make changes in myself. I think I would prefer to call them as my "dream goals."

Let me share with you my top 5 dream goals this year.

Dream Goal #1: Learn a new language

We received materials for learning Mandarin a year and a half ago but have not touched the subject yet. My goal is to start learning (and teaching!) this new language beginning June of 2018. I don't expect us to be fluent since the kids and I would be learning together by ourselves. The nearest tutorial center at our place is not offering Mandarin tutorials so this means, bahala na kami sa mga buhay namin! LOL!  

Dream Goal #2: Reach more audience in my blog

This month, my blog has celebrated its 4th anniversary. Pero kahit "matanda" na yung blog ko, kakapiranggot lang ang naging reach nito pati ng mga socmed accounts nya. Nakakahiya nga stats ko. But as I shared previously in my FB page, eventhough my stats are a shame and statistically I should have closed this blog, I will keep pressing forward. Because no matter how small my blog is, if I am able to help just one person through it, masaya na ako. My blog aims to connect, to inform, and to inspire.

Ang stats naman eh parang katawan yan, kung di ka magwowork out at diet, walang mangyayaring pagbabago.

This year, I plan to go back to writing 1-2 articles per week and engage more in my social media accounts. Hindi ko po kaya ang more than 2 articles dahil wala kaming katulong sa bahay, may tatlong maliliit na bata na binabantayan, at di pa ako isang master jedi sa pagsusulat. Padawan lang ako. LOL!

Sa gabi lang ako nakakapagsulat. I think that a goal of 1-2 articles per week is doable in my schedule.

Dream Goal #3: Successfully Homeschool Multi-level Kids

The current school year is a disaster for us. We have made so many mistakes this year and we are struggling. There have been so many times that I've almost given up homeschooling, to the point that I have started scouting for schools on the web. Madami nang iyak, naging sigawan, at pagod kaming naranasan sa school year na ito.

Next SY, we will have two toddlers at home. Baby I has started cruising and would walk in a few weeks. While Ate Z will turn 3 years old mid of this year.

I have started activities for Ate Z this January which are mostly doodling, tracing, and coloring. I plan to start her on phonemes and phonics later this year if she shows interests.

I pray that next SY we will be able to learn from our mistakes and homeschool the kids better.

Dream #4: Have a Better Financial Standing

Neri shared her DIY budget planner and I was so amazed on how creative she is that I made one for myself, too. Eventhough I get a planner each year, I haven't found the perfect one for my needs that I end up not using them after a few months. Neri's project wowed me and now my regular planner is just perfect for my needs.

I usually just track bills payment. This year, I plan to track my savings, the kids' savings, mutual fund deposits, 2019 travel fund, and blogging earnings (kahit wala pa earnings dapat positive na may marereceive!).

By tracking, I feel that I would be inspired more to watch our finances. Kasi nakikita ko kung saan napupunta yung bawat sentimo na naitatabi.

We have also started the Invisible 50 pesos challenge where you will not spend any 50-peso bill you have and will save it. I placed ours in a clear glass jar at nakakatuwa na makitang dumadami na sya. Mas nakaka engganyo na itabi yung dumadaan na singkwenta pesos sa kamay po kasi nakikita mo yung savings na lumalago.

This year is a crucial year for us to work on our finances. So tipid-tipid at raket on the side dapat.

Dream Goal #5: Find Balance

I wear so many hats every day. And to be brutally honest, nakakapagod sya. Nakakastress. And the kids see the MOMster they dread. I don't want to be that kind of mom. I am tired of being tired. So this year, I want to be more by being less.

I grew up doing things by myself and not expecting others to help. I am independent in so many aspects. Parang BDO ako, I find ways to make things work. In fact, in all my pregnancies all my cravings were mostly solved by me. There were some occasions that the Mr. PM gave in to my whims, but I did most of the work. Pag nag crave ng something, I get up and buy it. When I became a SAHM and at times I can't get out of the house, I had it delivered. In short, di ako umaasa sa iba.

But being independent and maaasahan has it flaws, too.

Nakakadrain. Nakakapagod.

This year, I plan to spend time for myself and delegate tasks more.

I have started delegating house chores to my 7-year-old and I am so happy that it gives me time, not to relax, but to find my balance. I am no longer stressed  because of the gazillion things I have to do while the baby is crying, the toddler has tantrums, or the panganay is being pasaway. Our Kuya V has stepped-up and is helping me not only on the chores, but to avoid stress build-up.

My goal also includes planning ahead for homeschool, chores, work and blog. It is true that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. And I have experienced that last year. This time, I know better.

I also plan to make sure I have time for myself. Not necessarily a trip to the salon or a "day-off" (which I can't do because we still have a baby), but even a few minutes each day to do the things I enjoy, like writing, or reading.

These are my resolutions aka dream goals for this year. I will do best to make these come true. So help me, God.

Ikaw, do you have resolutions for this year?


  1. Hi Kat! I haven't listed my 2018 resolutions. Baka itong Chinese New Year ang mag-inspire sa akin to write them down. We're also doing the invisible P50 challenge! Apir! :-) Cheers to a more relaxed, productive and happy homeschooling! Mwah!

  2. Thanks, Nads! Cheers to a better homeschooling year! :)

  3. Ako momshie, goal ko this year is Magloose ng weight, mdyo chubby na kasi. whew! mahirap magpapayat pero madaling tumaba bakit po kaya ganun noh? hehehe, and of course, ma pursue kong makapaghanap ng regular job this year. syempre habang lumalaki po ang mga bata ayun lumalaki din po ang expense di ba po? :)

    1. Oo nga, lalo na sa may bandang puson. Bat kasi ang sarap kumain! LOL!

      Magastos na magpalaki ng mga bata ngayon. Kaya kailangan naten rumaket. Go go go!

  4. Yes, I do have New Year Resolutions. Have tried it last January and will continue to do it, will loose more weight, drink more water 3-4 liters a day, and have my stuff organized and sorted out.

  5. I will follow this Poh ❤❤❤ lossing weight is my new years Resolution.. can't resist those foods.. thank you for this tips.. 😁😁😁

  6. Very informative po ang blogs nyo.. i really love this ❤❤❤

    1. Hi! Please send me a PM on my Facebook page. ASAP. Thank you!

  7. This 2018, my New Year Resoltions are:

    1. Continue to loose weight. I was 146 lbs December 2016 and December 2017 was 120 lbs. My ideal weight is 110 lbs so will continue to work out this goal. To a healthier and fitter me.

    2. Manage my finances, invest, and safe. I am now doing research and getting advise from financial experts on how to manage my finances wisely. In our lives, there will be rainy days and I want that I have savings and financially ready and stable.

    3. To equip myself with self-help books, attend seminars and workshop about parenting, and of course make-up 101.

    Thanks for this blog Ms. Kat, I do admire SAHM and doing home schooling. For sure you have tons of patience. I salute you for that! More Power!

  8. Isa po ito sa main goal this 2018 to lose weight, pero ang hirap... Sarap kasi kumain.. hehhee kaya sa second goal nalang ako nagfocus to save save save and save... Para sa future ng mga anak ko.. Kaya push ko ito..


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