Random Musings of a Mom Blogger at 2AM

It's 2AM and I just finished my tasks for the day. Work-at-home tasks and chores.

Then I found myself checking my old files on Human Resources and began to reminisce my previous corporate life. I missed it but wouldn't trade my SAHM/WAHM life for it. By the way if you're looking for some tips, check out this site for resume for sales associates.

Back in front of my laptop, sipping my hot choco, I instinctively opened my blog's dashboard and saw my stat for today: 26 views. Great. In a span of almost a year, my best views was at 306 in a day. For some bloggers I know, they'd probably faint if their stats are the same as mine. Ha! Ha! Now I can't sleep and my random thoughts have began to flow.

I started blogging more than a decade ago however my first few blogs were erratic and writing was pretty much sporadic. It was only in 2014 when I've decided to ditch my old blogs and create a new one - a site that reflects the current me, a housewife. If you're curious enough, you can read about my blog's background here.

For the first year I was thrilled and active, articles were planned and I wrote at least twice a week. Creative juices overflowed when I became a part of a community of mom bloggers in the country. It has opened the way for me to meet new people, join new experiences, and have a breather from my housewife life. It was fun. And I was excited for more.

However things slowed down when I got pregnant with Z. And stopped for a while when she was born.

We don't have a helper at home, got two kids to care for, a part time online work/advocacy, and now homeschooling a kindergartener. I'm also pregnant with Baby Number 3. I know some super moms who have more kids than I do, also work from home, and homeschool. And yet they are able to find time to blog.

I have a pile of laundered clothes that need to be folded, a bathroom that needs to be scrubbed, and a few weeks worth of lessons we still need to cover before the year ends. Sometimes I feel that there's so much I do already in a day and yet I still have more to do.

Am I inefficient?

When I had no time to blog, I make videos. And now even making videos is a challenge. And the only way you'd know I'm still alive is through my Facebook page.

Am I still effective?

These past few days I was happy to see on my feed blogger friends who got Christmas blog mails from PR firms and brands. At some point I got envious, but I shouldn't be surprised of not getting any anyway. The number of blog-related events I attended since the second half of 2015 is just 2. Yup. In 1 and a half years, I only attended 2 events.

Moreover, I have decided previously to drop the label of a lifestyle blog because frankly, I don't write about it. I tried to be one before but I'm simply not your lifestyle writer. I made a few reviews here and there, some travels and events, but in general my site's not into it, really. I'm the boring kind of stuff.

Now back to my stats. I moved from Blogger to Wordpress last year and I have not really sat down and worked on my blog's SEO. Just configuring the look of the site took me ages to do. I was clueless, still I am. Little by little through the help of other mom bloggers, I was able to install plugins and now slowly working on that SEO thingamajig. I am hoping that it would help me increase my stats. I am surely hoping I have the time to check my dashboard and work on it. Crossing my fingers here.

The past weeks have been a schedule nightmare and I am hoping for the better in the coming days. I still need to start working on my son's homeschool portfolio, finish those books and educational app reviews, and get enough sleep for the growing human inside of me. So help me, God.

It's almost Christmas.

I am grateful for the few people who are still reading my blogs, Facebook updates, and our Youtube videos. It warms my heart knowing that this little corner of mine in the worldwide web is still making an impact to some. Thank you. Thank you very much.

This blabber mouth is sleepy and exhausted. My apologies if you got dizzy with all the drama I have at 2AM.

To everyone, I wish you a blessed Christmas!


  1. Not boring at all! Anyway, in the blogger world and social media where all you see are posts on events and products, it's refreshing to read personal blogs. Seriously. This December, I don' t know how I ended up with so many product blog backlogs and I'm so irritated because I'm dying to write personal stuff.

  2. Thanks, May! :) I also get irritated and stressed if I have product backlogs.
    I am hoping to be a better writer next year. Happy new year to you and your beautiful family! :)


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