Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Gift Swap 2016

Here in the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas the longest. And we are happy with it. This gives us a lot of time to come up with activities and festivities, one of which is the Christmas exchange of gifts.

Traditionally, names of participants in the exchange gift are placed in a bowl and each one picks his/her "baby" - this is the person you'll gift this Christmas. The identity of the moms/dads and their babies are not disclosed until the day of the reveal, which usually happens on the group's Christmas Party.

gift swap

This year, Mommy Bloggers Philippines, has started a new tradition: the MBP Gift Swap. I got really excited when I learned about this activity that I signed up right away. The last Christmas exchange gift I was a part of was 4 years ago! So you can just imagine how thrilled I was.

Mom bloggers were tasked to send their "babies" a gift that would reflect their own blog - which is hard to do in my opinion! I don't get too many views here on my humble corner of the web and I write mostly about our homeschool activities with a few reviews every now and then so I had a hard time coming up with a gift that would represent my site. I wanted to give my gift swap partner something that would make her remember me and my site and at the same time it's useful and meaningful for her.

My Gift Swap Partners

My "baby" is no other than Ms. Lani of :)

She's the amazing lady behind Mommy Bloggers Philippines who's advocacy of empowering women and mom bloggers in the country is evident in her leadership, together with Ms. Joy and Ms. Louisa. My journey in blogging has become significant because of these ladies and my other co-mommy bloggers who have become my self-proclaimed sorority sisters online.

Mommy Lani writes about her tweens, their food, movie, and travel reviews and tips, home management, working at home, and my personal favorite series: their journey using Myobrace. I am really interested in this alternative to braces because my dentist a few years back wanted me to get braces but I never liked having those so I ended up with what teeth I have. Ha! Ha! Learning about this technology would be a great back-up in the coming years should my kids need them in the future.

So what do I give a super mom like Mommy Lani? Something petite of course! Hey, my blog's name is Petite Momma's World so I gave her something small like me - a hand bag and a small mirror with a note that says: "Make yourself better." Kailangan ko talaga i-connect sa blog. Haha!

Moms balance all the hats she wear and each act we do, we make everything better - for the people around us and for ourselves.

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of my gift to her so here's from her IG:

Another extraordinary mom is Mommy Angel of who enjoys travelling with her husband and toddler daughter Eliana. She's relatively new to the MBP community but her name resounds like a flower blooming in the garden that when I received a gift from her, her blog was familiar to me. The moment I opened the parcel from Manong courier and saw her name on the gift tag, I knew right away it was from mrsenerodiaries. And I'm not good with names and faces, I tell you, so the fact that I recalled her blog means it made an impact on me.

Angel shares their adventures on food, visiting churches, and travelling as a family through her blog. She summarizes them as EAT. PRAY. LOVE. and TRAVEL. She regularly updates her IG so better follow her, too.

You can also find their escapades through their hashtags: #ELfoodspotting #mrsenerodiaries and #EnerosOnTheRoad

Travelling with kids is never easy, specially if you have toddlers and preschoolers this is why I appreciate reading blogs of moms and dads who share their travels with their kids. This gives families ideas on what to expect at a particular place or activity.

Thank you so much, Mommy Angel for the gifts you sent! It will certainly give me a reason to smile each day. :)

 Gifts I got from my "mommy" :)

Thankful for Another Year in Blogging

Although I am not as active as I would want to be in blogging, I am so grateful for being a part of a community that inspire other moms and women around the Philippines.

I may not yet be an influencer in the online scene but just being with these wonderful mom bloggers who dedicate their selves in the service of their families and their readers to give correct and informative articles, honest reviews, and unselfish commitment to give tips and recommendations are enough for me to say that I am proud to be part of this community. I am hoping to see these ladies more often next year.

And by concluding this year with the MBP Gift Swap, we have opened another door to get to know more about other moms we haven't met but share the same journey of motherhood.

Thank you, Mommy Bloggers Philippines for the opportunity!

And a big thank you to all these wonderful sponsors of the MBP Gift Swap 2016!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!