Teaching the Filipino Alphabet

I admit. I never liked the Filipino subject when I was still a student. It's harder to understand than the English subject. I mean, Pinoy naman ako. Nagtatagalog naman ako kahit saan pero bakit ang hirap aralin ang Filipino?

So I went back to my childhood and thought of the things that helped me learn my school subjects easier. I was born in the 80s and was raised watching child-friendly TV shows in the 90s  like Mathinik, ATBP, Sesame Street, 5 and UP, and Sineskwela. I learned so much from these shows that it would be a crime not to use any of their tools in teaching my own kids.

Last week, we have started learning the language arts of Filipino. Since my child is used to singing his ABCs the traditional way, I need to introduce to him the Filipino alphabet through a song as well. He's an auditory learner, by the way.

Here comes to the rescue - the Filipino alphabet song from the TV show ATBP! I'm happy that I could still remember the lyrics and the melody.

Here's our video, me singing the Filipino alphabet.

In just a couple of days, my little learner already memorized the song and is now familiar with the additional letters in the Filipino alphabet.

Thank you 90s! :)