Why We Love Nutri10 Plus

Last year, we received some bottles of the multivitamin Nutri10 Plus from Wert Philippines. Nutri10 wasn't new to us since this was also the multivitamins that was prescribed by my son's pedia when he was a baby. Fast forward to today, we are still using this multivitamins and let me tell you why.

Nutri10 Plus has the essential vitamins, zinc, CGF, lysine and taurine active growing kids need.

Vitamins: Nutri10 Plus contains Vitamin A, C, D3, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12.
Each dosage contains at least 90% RENI (Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake per day) of these vitamins. For a mom with kids who are picky eaters, this information gives me a relief that my child still gets his recommended vitamins by taking Nutri10 Plus.

Zinc: Years ago, we thought that taking Vitamin C was enough to protect ourselves from diseases. Zinc has been found to effectively help regulate our immune function.

Chlorella Growh Factor (CGF): CGF promotes faster growth. It works at the cellular level in which it helps in stimulating tissue repair.

Lysine and Taurine: Lysine is an appetite stimulator while Taurine helps kids for better memory

Another thing we love about Nutri10 Plus is its taste. My son doesn't like taking sweet vitamins. Ayaw nya yun. Before nga kelangan may nakaabang na water for him para iinom sya kagad after mag take ng vitamins. He still does that pero di na sya aligaga sa pagkuha ng water. He likes the taste kasi di daw matapang.

Seeing my son active and rarely gets sick makes me happy. As a mom, I only want what's best and that includes the best multivitamin for him.


1-9 years old: 2.5mL (1/2tsp.)

10-12 years old: 5mL (1tsp.)

To be taken once a day or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Availability: Boston Round Amber Bottle of 120mL and 250mL

Manufactured by Novagen Pharmaceutical co., Inc.



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