DIY: Homemade Air-Dry Clay

Last November, I chanced upon seeing a video on how to create your own Christmas ornaments-which was very timely since I was looking for an activity with my son. Let me share with you how we were able to create our own tree ornaments using materials you can easily find in your homes.


Baby Oil
Mixing bowl and spoon/stirrer
used juice box straw

1. Put half a cup of cornstarch in a bowl.
2. Slowly pour in glue in the bowl, about almost half a cup
3. Add a tablespoon of vinegar.
4. Add a tablespoon of oil.
5. Mix. 
6. Knead for a few minutes until the mixture becomes mold-able.
7. You can use your hands, cookie cutters and/or rolling pins to design your ornament. We made candy canes, discs, and stars.
8. Cut a hole in the ornament using the straw. This is where we will put the ribbon to hold the ornament later.
9. Place your clay on a clean flat surfaced that has been lightly oiled. Air-dry your clay for at least 15 hours. 
10. Paint your ornament. We used tempera paints. Let it dry for an hour.
11. Place a ribbon on the hole and hang to your tree.

Pretty easy, right? 

Hmm, I wonder what we will make for Valentine's Day with this? Hearts, of course!