January Favorites

The first month of the year is about to end. That fast, huh? I'd like to share some of this stay-at-home-mom finds and favorites for the month of January.

Human Heart Nature Detoxifying Mask + Scrub

In the last quarter of last year, I got interested on facial masks after watching several videos on Youtube. These beauty gurus were using facial masks as part of their beauty regimen and have sworn great results. I was particularly interested on facial masks from Korea as I've heard they use natural ingredients. My sister gave me a couple from Faceshop which I tried and loved the results. I got really excited when finally a 100% natural mask (and scrub!) was released by Human Heart Nature, a pro-Filipino product. It has no plastic micro beads, parabens, phtalates, alcohol, formaldehyde or other toxic substances. Just the good stuff!

You can use the product either as a scrub or mask. It doesn't have though the moisturizing effect that other facial masks have. 

A word of caution, it should only be used once to twice a week. One time, I used it as a scrub and then as a mask after less than 48 hours, it made my skin red! Better use it every 3-4 days.

Costs Php249.75 for a 100g tube.

R4U Resort

We started the year spending a weekend with our very close friends in a private hot spring resort in Pansol, Laguna. We were really impressed with the resort which was big with three floors. It was new and did not look like the usual Pansol resort we've been to. 

The resort has kiddie and adult pools. The kitchen was well equipped with a fridge, mineral water with dispenser, pots and pans, and gas stove. They also have a barbecue stove near the gate. 

The second floor has a small kitchen, bathroom, and game room where you can use their videoke and play billiards. The third floor on the other hand has 6 air-conditioned rooms. My family stayed in a room that could fit 6-8 people. You can learn about their resort through their Facebook page.

Photo grabbed from R4U FB page

Total Pillow

One of the gifts we received last holiday was the versatile Total Pillow that can change shapes for support. I've been having problems getting sleep because of my pregnancy and this pillow helps me get comfortable through the night most specially when I sleep on my side. I am loving it!

Image from Google

Oh My Golly Matte Potion

Believe it or not, it was only late last year that I learned about nail polish top coat that produces a matte effect. Yes, I'm in my 30s and I'm way behind kikayness. So I checked out the department store and found OMG matte potion which was only Php24.75. It does work but I'm not sure how it would fair with high-end brands. I have no talent in nail art so getting a less expensive brand is a great buy for me.

These are my faves for this month. I hope I can try more products/services this year and be able to share my reviews on them. What are your great finds lately?


  1. Kat, thanks for sharing this post. I'm interested in using the scrub. I'm using St. Ive's scrub right now, I want to try the Human Nature. I need also that Total Pillow because I have scoliosis. Where can I buy that? And of course, I want that nail polish since I always have my nails colored. Hehehe, dami ko ng sinabi. And oh by the way, so many things to celebrate for you. It's your blog anniv, your birthday month and love month too. Can't wait to see you again beautiful preggy momma :-)

    1. Naku I don't know where to get the Total Pillow but I remember seeing it at a kiosk in a mall before. Join my giveaway ha, I'm launching it this week. I hope to see you soon, Nanz! :)

  2. We also love Total Pillow, Kat! I'll try that facial scrub from Human Nature soon! I'm currently using Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Mask and okay na okay rin siya.

    1. I haven't tried Himalaya before. I ordered thru Sample Room but was unable to pay for the shipping. Haha!


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