How To: Car Registration Renewal at LTO East Avenue

Each year a motor vehicle owner must renew his vehicle's registration with the Land Transportation Office (LTO). This how-to is based on our experience when we renewed our family car's registration at the LTO East Avenue office earlier this month. I am hoping to help others have an idea how their process is. Please contact LTO for official and updated procedures.

For private 4-wheeled cars, here are the requirements in renewing your car's registration:
  • photocopies of Official Receipt (OR) from last year's registration and Certificate of Registration (CR)
  • Original copy of Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) insurance
  • Certification of emission compliance
  • Accomplished Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)

To cut time, we purchased our CTPL insurance through Cebuana Lhuillier. Their underwriter is Federal Phoenix Insurance which was the same insurance we purchased last year (I directly contacted their office then) and was happy with their customer service. This year, I just went to the nearest Cebuana Lhuiller branch, gave them a photocopy of the car's OR and CR and paid around Php600. Our CTPL was released within the day.

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There are several emission test centers located near LTO offices. On the day we registered, we passed by Malakas St. where these test centers are located. There will be a number of men that will flag you along the street, each offering emission services. We got one and paid less than Php500 for the service. 

From Malakas St., we turned right to Magaling St., and out to East Avenue. Our next step is for the car to be inspected. We were directed to turn right on an alley just before Chowking V-Luna. Please see the map above (1), the North Motor Vehicle Inspection Center has a star labeled on its roof.

Once we parked in front of the building, representatives who do stencils approached us. They were wearing blue shirts that day with each has its own assigned number written on their sleeves. Which by the way, is helpful specially if you need to remember who did the stencils of your car. There's no need to pay these men but of course you're welcome to give them a tip.

When you're done with the stencils, he will give you your MVIR . Enter the building and turn right. Present a copy of your OR/CR to the receiving/evaluator window and wait for your name to be called at the cashier to pay the Php50 inspection fee.

lto east ave
Sorry, I used my Blackberry to take photos

Once paid, bring your car at the back of the building for inspection. The inspector will ask you to turn on one-by-one your headlights, wipers, signal lights, break lights and horn. They'll also check if you brought your emergency warning triangle. Once done, you will be asked to go back to the evaluator/release window.

It took some time before our papers were released. It was the same for everyone who were seated there waiting.

Next step: Registration.

To go to LTO Diliman District Office, we had to go around - out of East Ave, proceed to V-Luna, turned right at Malakas and Magaling Sts., then out to East Avenue again. There was no direct road from the NMVIC to Diliman District Office. Check the map above (2), the district office is labeled with a triangle.

We proceeded to the Public Assistance Desk and were asked to present our papers on Window H. After submission, we waited for my husband's name to be called on the seats provided in front of the cashier. We paid our car's registration fees and was surprised that LTO has not charged us for a plate replacement. It was on the news a couple of months before that new plates will be issued by LTO when you renew your car this year. I guess, it's not yet being implemented.

At the sticker releasing window, we were informed that stickers were not yet available. Darn. I called LTO office a few days ago still, stickers were unavailable. It seems that LTO is again struggling with sticker supplies. 

We finished our car's registration in 3 hours. We could have done a better job if we only knew what the process was at this site. We also had a hard time getting a parking space inside LTO.

How about you, have you gotten your stickers from LTO yet?

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  1. try to register in other LTO District office... you can try in P. Tuazon D.O or NCR LTO Regional Office... this offices is not required for vehicle inspection... im sure you will finish your transaction in less than an hour...


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