Homeschool Preschool: Materials Haul

You probably have seen a haul video on YouTube, whether it was for makeup, skin essentials or outfits. I did my own haul this week too - for homeschool materials though! 

We already have school materials available in our homeschool chest however we lack some items. Armed with a budget of less than Php1,000.00 (which should also include our cab expenses), my son and I went to stroll around the nearest cost-effective mall along Commonwealth Avenue - the Ever Gotesco.

A few weeks ago, I discovered in Ever Gotesco a branch of Expressions, a known store in the Philippines that offer low-priced school and office supplies. I was able to buy then a magnetic white board (16x12 inches) for less than Php200! Nice! I knew I had to go back to this place, and I did.

The department store of Ever Gotesco also offer great finds at really affordable prices. One of which were the used books that I bought for Little V which were even cheaper than those that I can find in Booksale. 

Here's our haul:

homeschool materials

Magnetic alphabet upper case: Php49.75/set
Magnetic alphabet lower case: Php 79.75/set
Plastic basket: Php20.00

clothespin learning tool

I planned of getting wooden clothespin just because they are oh so adorable. But they're a bit too pricey for my budget so I opted to get these instead for just Php50. What are these for you ask? It can be used for a lot of things - fine motor development, sorting, identifying colors, and counting. Never thought a simple item we use at home can be a learning tool, eh? :) We didn't have these so I had to buy some. Hey, I can use it for laundry after!

A new home for my son's crayons. We got this cutie basket for Php19.75

Some flannel fabric and sorry, I forgot how much each is. I know they're less than Php30. 

You can never go wrong with a bunch of Manila paper and white folders on hand. Little V loves to scribble on a Manila paper.

expressions supplies

We got this blank flash cards for Php29.50 per pack.

Pipe Cleaners - Php5.75 each
Yarn - Php18.00

I'd like to use velcro on posters so that I won't constantly have to put tape on the wall and continue to extend sticker residues. We bought this for Php18.00

Number stickers - Php15.75
Googly eyes - Php19.75

My son wanted me to buy this clock for him (because he saw Lightning McQueen). This cost me Php21.75.

Used books:
Dr. Seuss'- Php45.00
Caillou - Php35.00
The Runaway Bunny - Php35.00

We also purchased glue, cutter, and a Frozen coloring book. Overall, we were able to pull through our budget. Yay!

Even though we are on our journey to homeschooling Little V this year, I'd like to make sure that we are on track on the budget I forecasted.

How about you, homeschooling or not, have you started shopping for your children's school items? What budget tips can you suggest?


  1. Thanks for this article Mommy Kat! I am a school member and a mom. I have a daughter who will start with preschool this year to a school where I work. As a practical mom, I see to it that the school supplies and other things needed for school are within the budget. Since my daughter is still a her very young age, I decided not to buy her with expensive things like the shoes, etc. Instead, I have settled for cheap and affordable but without sacrificing the quality. And so I have completed her things already and everything is set for her coming fist day of school.

    1. Yay! I'm glad that your little one's all set for the school year. :)

      You are right, we moms are good at bargain-hunting without sacrificing the quality of the items. Thank you for dropping by! :)


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