Hey there!

Welcome to my cyber realm as a stay-at-home mom. I'm delighted you are here.

I'm Kat, a homeschooling mom from Manila, Philippines. And in case you are wondering, yes, I am petite - I stand less than 5 feet in height. My world revolves around my awesome husband and three kids.

Professionally, I used to be a human resources specialist in a business process outsourcing company headquartered in Illinois. Now writing this in 2023, I am an online entrepreneur helping my clients with their businesses.

The Dream

In my early 20s, my dream career was to be a full-time mom. It was my secret career wish, actually. No one at that time would think that I'd wish to be a stay-at-home mom since I was taking my graduate studies and had a promising career. But I knew in my heart that I'd be a SAHM.

My wish did come true after a few years when my husband and I finally decided for me to leave corporate life. Our firstborn was two years old then.

At the Moment

It's been more than ten years since I've taken the leap of faith and became a stay-at-home mom. A lot of adventures and misadventures have happened and there were so many times that I've questioned myself if I'm good enough to be a parent. Thankfully, God uses people as instruments to lift my spirits up and continue to trust in Him.

I keep moving forward in this intentional parenting career.

At Petite Momma's World, I'll share with you bits and pieces of my life as a wife and mom. I usually publish one to two articles each week; depends really on if my kids would sleep on time, there are no family affairs for the week, no dishes are left on the kitchen sink, or the laundry is not as big as Mt. Fuji. Every day is a challenge - and the adventure is all worth it.

I usually write about our homeschool journey, home management, personal thoughts, events, products and service reviews, recipes, and different how-tos.



This blog is very personal to me as it is a reflection of how I live my life. I hope that my readers will also be inspired by the stories that I share. I am no expert in parenting, homeschooling, domestic work, or cooking. What works for our family may not work for others. The things I share in my corner of the web hope that in every article I publish, I am able to encourage others - to be better wives, parents, neighbors, friends, and citizens.

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We share on our YouTube channel our homeschool activities: Homeschooling V and Z 

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  1. Hi mommy nkaka inspired poh kayo dhil mas gusto nyo kayo mismo mg alaga sa mga cuties babies nyo

    -Jessica Encomienda

  2. I salute u mommy 😍
    Ung iba kc mas like nila mg work keysa alagaan baby nila pero pra sa akin dn mas maganda ung nkikita mo pag lake mga baby at maalagaan ng sariling mother 😇😍

    -Jessica Encomienda

  3. Super inspiring po kayo.. Really wanna meet you po in person. You always remind me to be grateful and puro positive vibes lang.. more power and Godbless you and your family mam😍


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