Homeschool Portfolio Under DepEd Homeschool Provider

This month was the last time we would submit a homeschool portfolio to our homeschool provider. Since we started with a homeschool provider in 2016, we have been submitting a portfolio at the end of the school year. Our homeschool portfolio has evolved through the years but it remains to have the important items that are required from us:

  • photo of quarter exams
  • sample written works
  • sample performance tasks and activities

We also send the provider a copy of the learning plans and grading sheets along with the portfolio. 

From hardcopy to scanned copies that we send to the provider, to digital portfolio created by Canva, it is up to the homeschooling family how they want to send their portfolio. We did all these.

Here are the videos related to the homeschool portfolio that we did on our channel:

This one is the latest using Canva:

In our next phase of homeschooling, we do not have to submit a portfolio to our US-based homeschool provider. However, I may continue to document our journey using Canva since I love looking back at the things we do. And since it is digital and can be stored on my laptop, I don't have to worry about storing papers and what-have-yous. 

How do you make a homeschool portfolio?

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