Jollibee Fun Camp 2023

Before the pandemic, our eldest was able to join McDonald's Kiddie Crew and one of my concerns back then was he was the only participant at the branch where he was registered. Since then, my goal has been for the kids to join activities such as these but with a bunch of other kids. Now that we have eased up and activities on-site are available, I got our second child to join Jollibee's Fun Camp 2023.

jollibee fun camp


At the branch in our area in Quezon City, the schedule for the Jollikids Fun Camp was for a 1-day event, all on Saturdays from July 29, 2023, to around September. Since we were to start our homeschool classes mid of August, I got Ate Z registered on the second Saturday, August 5.

Registration fee is Php400 and if you would like to avail of the uniform, you need to pay an additional Php250. The mini-manager's uniform consisted of a polo/blouse and shorts. Our 8-year-old I believe had the biggest size already. After registering at the branch, we also got the uniform to wash and iron before her scheduled fun camp. The older kids that joined the workshop were not wearing any uniforms. By the way, they gave out the nameplate on the day of the workshop.

jollibee kid uniform

Jollikids Fun Camp

When we got to Jollibee, it was before 8AM and there were kids already on site. The crew gave each of them their nameplates, crayons, and were asked to draw on a piece of paper who they would like to be when they grow up. Initially, I thought there would only be around 10 kids but more kids came in and by 9am they were a big crowd already.

The kids were asked to present in front their drawing and our Ate Z said she wanted to be a doctor. Placing it here on the blog so that perhaps 20 years from now she can read here what happened on that day.

The kids were then grouped, around 5-7 for each group, and a Jollibee Crew helped them with their assignments. Ate Z's group first stayed at the main dining area and helped serve to customers. Sadly though, their group only served water.

jollikids fun camp

After serving the customers, they went down to the drive thru area to greet customers. Z was the first to greet the customers and I was not able to get a good photo of her doing this activity. Afterwards, they went back to the activity area and waited for the other kids so they can eat their snacks.

They were served a Jollibee Chicken Joy and drinks. 

I was sad that they didn't get to do much as a crew in this workshop. Unlike in McDonald's where our son was able to prepare drinks, sundae, and help out at the counter, here in Jollibee our daughter just served water and greeted customers. I was hoping they could do more but I think since they are a very big crowd (at least 12 kids), it was impossible for them to squeeze activities for everyone. There were just too much kids to handle for this batch.

The next activity the kids did was create their own burger and spaghetti. The tasks were simple and a little kindergarten can easily follow, which I appreciate. jollibee kiddie manager

The rest of the time was spent for games that the kids joined and won prizes. Our daughter and her groupmates, unfortunately lost and did not have any prize. Nevertheless, they stayed on one side and played with each other so that's a win for me as well.

Finally, Jollibee mascot came and danced for the kids. As expected, he was the star and the icing on the cake for these kids. I just love hearing giggles from everyone. 

At the end of the workshop, the completion certificates were distributed as well as their giveaway treats. The program lasted from 8AM to around 11:45AM. When I asked my daughter how was her workshop, she said she liked it and would like to do it again. So, I guess even if I had better expectations, the workshop did well to our child, and sure, we might do this again in the future.

jollibee fun camp
Ate Z after her workshop.
She's carrying her completion certificate and
Jollibee kiddie box with treats