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 The new normal that braved us since March 2020 has shifted our understanding of safety and convenience. In almost two years, the preference of the market to complete their shopping experience via online stores has changed dramatically. We now rarely go out to shop for our needs and rely on the expertise of online markets such as O-Superstore for convenience and safety. Oleo-Fats Incorporated is the owner of O-Superstore and an exclusive distributor in the Philippines of the products in O-Supestore.

What is O-Superstore?

O-Superstore is an online platform that sells high-quality products from the kitchen to your cleaning needs. This online store ships to any point in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, and parts of Rizal. They accept credit and/or debit cards, or you may opt to pay cash upon delivery. 

Here are some of the cleaning materials that you can shop at O-Superstore:

Safecare Bactofree 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (150mL)

Provides daily and general skin sanitizing, Safecare Bactofree Isopropyl Alchol is 99.9% effective against bacteria and viruses. With Vitamin E and pleasing scent, Safecare Bactofree is tough on germs but easy on the hands.

Ecozone Anti-Bac Multisurface Wipes (40s)

Ecozone's brand new Aloe Vera and Cucumber scented anti-bacterial multisurface wipes come in an easily resealable packet ensuring your wipes will stay fresh and moist from the first to the last wipe. No need to use a dry cloth to finish up as these eco wipes have fast-dry action formula, guaranteeing your surfaces are left clear, sanitized, and free from bacteria. These sweet-smelling wipes are also 100% biodegradable.

Safecare Bactofree Isopropyl Hand Sanitizer (500mL)

SafeCare Bactofree Hand Sanitizer

Safecare Bactofree Thin (IPA) is an unscented isopropyl alcohol-based hand sanitizer. It is specially formulated for routine hand sanitizing application as a measure of preventing cross-contamination and infection.

Simply Clean Antibacterial Room Spray (500mL)

Simply Clean Antibacterial Room Spray is an easy-to-use room and linen spray that effectively kills malodor-causing germs and bacteria. The room spray efficiently eliminates foul odors. This room spray leaves a long-lasting relaxing scent.

Simply Clean Multipurpose Cleaner

Simply Clean Multipurpose Cleaner is an all-around cleaner that removes stubborn grease, dirt, and grime on surfaces. Leaves surface clean and spot-free. Simply Clean Multipurpose Cleaner has antibacterial properties.

Safecare Antibacterial Hand Soap - Fresh Green Apple (1L)

Safecare Antibacterial Hand Soap is a premium liquid hand soap with moisturizing properties. It is specially formulated for routine handwashing applications.

Stay Safe Surface Sanitizer Spray (300g)

A multi-purpose sanitizer aerosol spray to sanitize hard and soft surfaces as well as eliminate odors.

How to Order

Visit to order your kitchen and cleaning supplies. They also have other products available such as meat, frying oils, among others. Follow them on Facebook at


  1. Essential for us to have ! Very convenient time for us, hassle free too

  2. Maganda po talaga itong O-Store . Malaking tulong ito sa pagbili ng ating mga Essential needs dahil online ito . Kaya mas safe and convenient .


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