Bonding with Kids Using Online Games

I have mentioned many times before that we use games as a way to teach our kids. Kids love being interactive and with joy in the activities, they are more focused and engaged. Every now and then, we have game breaks in between our lessons. If the lessons become too tiring, we spend a few minutes playing using their tablet. But because their tablet has limited memory, I opt to use online games instead so that there's no need for us to download and just access using the internet browser.

The newest website that I learned about late last year is the Culinary Schools Org. The website has a weight loss calculator that I got interested in since I am trying to lose weight. However, I was swayed to check out their online games as well. And boy, was I happy that I saw their games.

Free Online Cooking Games

The Culinary Schools website offers more than 150 online games to help familiarize children with food, farming, cooking, the culinary arts, the restaurant business, and hospitality-related careers. We have lessons on nutrition in our homeschool and the kids are interested in helping out at the kitchen so these games were an instant hit to them.

One of the things that I worry about online games, even for downloaded ones, is the advertisements. Countless times my 4-year-old would click an ad and go to an unfamiliar website. It worries me that my children may be able to access websites that are not appropriate for their ages, or worst, charge my credit card to it.

So knowing that the culinary school org online games do not contain any advertisements gave me ease.

Here are some of the games we have tried on the Culinary School Org's website:

Find Pair

This game is similar to a memory card matching game, except all items are shown face up. The game helps my kids develop pattern recognition, increase their attention to detail, and train visual memory.

Can I Eat It?

Now this game lets my preschooler giggle so hard. It is a game for preschoolers and kindergarten students where they quickly click yes or no on if they think an item can be eaten. The timer seems to be too fast so I am the one that clicks the yes or no but my son yells the answers. 

Themed Games

The website also has themed games just like last Christmas when we played Christmas-themed games such as Christmas Candy and Candy Cane Hit.

Physics Puzzle Games

But the most favorite of my two younger kids is the Milk for Cat. This game is a 50-stage physics-based game where you help a thirsty cat get the milk it needs by cutting open milk cartons and adjusting platforms to guide the milk toward the cat. It is very interesting that my Grade 1 student really takes her time thinking of how she is going to move the platforms in order to get to the goal. I am happy that this game helps her think critically and be more attentive to details.

Game Collections

  1. Cooking and Kitchen Work
  2. Food Education Games 
  3. Serving Eaters 
  4. Farming -
  5. Other Fun Food-themed Games like arcade classic games, platform games, music games, glass filling games, physics puzzle games, slicing games, memory and matching games, mahjong games, paint by number games, logic puzzle games, and idle games.

In between work, I also check their games and I play mahjong to de-stress. The arcade games are too much for me so I prefer games that are not time-sensitive.


  1. We're on online Learning and online games too ,I find them awesome

  2. Thank you for sharing this , Mommy Kat . Malaking tulong po ito lalo na at mahilig sa online games ang mga bata . They'll enjo while learning . ❤️


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