Relax-Time for Moms Using Online Games

I always tell moms that one of the main reasons why we are stressed is because we give too much of ourselves to our family, leaving little for our personal needs. As an advocate of self-care for mothers, it is important to share with moms different ways to care for ourselves. Self-care is not just limited to beauty, skincare, coffee, or exercise. Self-care covers several ideas as it is personal to the person doing it. As for me, one of my self-care practices is to spend time playing online just so I could have a break in between work, home management, and raising kids.

Rarely do I download game applications on my phone because I prefer to have games available through a browser only and not eat up internal memory in my gadget. You understand that for moms, we need memory on our phones for our kids’ photos, videos, and milestones. Moreover, I like games that don’t take too much of my time since I just want something to lighten my mood. My preference includes the games to be non-violent, not time-consuming to complete, familiar, and does not need elaborate plots or requirements to accomplish.

Here are some of my go-to online games to relax:


About 20 years ago, I learned about the card game Solitaire. My roommate in college was playing with cards and as I was watching her, I was wondering how come she was playing alone? I have always thought that card games had to have a competitor. I admit that I was already late in my teenage years to actually learn about this game. 

Since I didn’t have a deck of cards with me in college, I used the installed Solitaire program on the computer I had at the dormitory. In between working for my thesis and reviewing for exams, I played Solitaire. From then, until I started working (sorry to my bosses!), and now as a full-time mom, I use Solitaire as a break from mundane tasks.

Yup, I prefer the classic Solitaire. Aside from playing via laptop, I can also play using my phone.

Recently, I learned about and have been using it for my me-time. When I get tired from writing or working on my laptop, I pause for 10 minutes and play Solitaire. I prefer the classic Solitaire, the old-school challenging card game of concentration and skill. 

I confess that even after playing for years, this was no easy feat. It takes me a lot of time to complete my goal using this website. And I am happy. The quick break from playing this game keeps me awake and refreshed.

Aside from the classic Solitaire, the website also has other popular solitaire games such as Freecell, Spider, and Pyramid. I don’t have much experience playing these other versions but maybe I could try it anytime soon.

Hidden Kitchen Game

There are other fun online games that you can find from one of which is a game I play with my two little kids. We play hidden objects games online. One of these hidden games is the Hidden Kitchen Game. The goal is to find the 10 pieces of culinary equipment in kitchens. There are some objects that are hard to see so we zoom in. Tip: objects are not shown relative to scale.

Hidden Kitchen Game

On the right, you can see how much time you have remaining, your score, and the level you are on. As you progress with each level, your time gets shorter. Also, if you clicked an incorrect item, 5 seconds are removed from your time. Ate Z and Bunso love this game.

Candy House

In Candy House, you need to swap items to match 3 or more same items in a vertical or horizontal row. When you make longer matches, you earn pieces that destroy other pieces on the same line or pieces of a color you choose. Okay, Candy House is somehow similar to another candy game app you are familiar with. But, this one’s harder primarily because it is timed. Moreover, as you progress on the levels, the game changes its layout and some pieces are locked in position. 

Candy House

As of writing, I haven’t reached Level 50 yet. Hopefully, soon!

Daily Word Search

Many people say I am critical. I always find something that other people can’t. I guess it’s because I had a few years of experience as quality assurance. I like proofreading, looking for errors on documents, or spotting minute details. That’s probably why I also like word search games.

Before what happened to the world in 2020, I used to buy word search booklets in bookstores. In fact when I gave birth to one of my kids, I brought with me a word search booklet to pass time at the hospital. Between crossword puzzles and word search, I choose word search. has an online daily word search puzzle game for free. You can choose between 12x12, 14x14, or 16x16 puzzles. If you do not like today’s level, you can actually pick another day by clicking the date on the left side.

You can even print the word search if you prefer to search using paper!

Daily Word Search

Some may ask, why do you play these mind-games to relax? Simply because it is relaxing for me! I enjoy doing these as breaks. It keeps me relaxed, grounded, and untroubled. And you should try it, too.

So moms, next time you want to unwind from the mundane life, check out online games. A happy mommy makes a happy home.