How Blogging Transformed Me from a Nobody to a Somebody

Blogging back in the early 2000s was an outlet for me, a routine to get away from work stress. I was unknown in cyberspace, anonymous, and enigmatic to the readers. I chose to be private. After blogging for more than 15 years, I now know who I am and how I want the world to see me. It was not a walk in the park. It took courage, hard work, tears, and night-long wakefulness.

Shifting to a Mommy Blogger

From deep shenanigans about life, to travel and food crawl posts, I shifted to a more purposeful platform in 2014. After retiring from corporate work as an HR practitioner to look after my son, it took me only a few months to miss the opportunities to write as I used to when I was still working. Hence I re-branded myself online as a mommy blogger under the name Petite Momma.

Petite Momma’s World was mainly created to document what has been happening with my family and maintain my craftsmanship when writing. It was a project for me not to lose myself as I dove into motherhood and home management.

Facebook was getting the traction at that time, and I have learned about a mommy blogger group that I knew in my heart right away that I should join these mind-like mommies. It was unbeknown that this group will open opportunities for me as a blogger and eventually as an influencer.

From my first blogger event in May 2014, Mommy Bloggers Philippines opened the gateway to brand collaborations. 

Eventually, I created a YouTube channel dedicated to homeschooling which got traction last year when education was switched to home-based.

Although I was not that active from 2015 to 2017 because of the additional kids born in our family, I still received ex-deals from brands and invitations to contribute to parenting and homeschooling articles. It was also in this period when I won a couple of writing contests for bloggers. The biggest prize I got was $200. This period convinced me that I can succeed and earn as a blogger even if I do not leave my own home's comfort. 

Getting Out of my Comfort Zone

A couple of years ago, I finally pushed myself outside my comfort zone. Writing through my blog and social media accounts gives me joy as a person, but I have to do more economically speaking. 

Through mommy blogger friends' help, I learned more about social media and how to tap these to my advantage. At first, I was hesitant to let other people (strangers!) know more about my family and me. I was enigmatic and unknown. But I was convinced that through sharing more about myself, I would connect more with other people. 

They also made me realize that I am a good writer and should not be afraid to earn this talent.

True enough, they were right. And for the first time, I was able to get collaborations where I was compensated.

Furthermore, I co-wrote and managed an e-book entitled “Nanay Nanay Paano Maging Ina?” and curated a menu planner for homemakers in 2019. From a housewife whipping what’s for lunch, I became an author, a community manager, managing editor, curator, and businesswoman in one year. You’d be surprised by what you can actually accomplish if you are placed in a situation.

And last year, a parenting website asked me to write articles for them. I was ecstatic

From Blogger to Influencer

When someone sends me a message that I have inspired them to parent, write, or homeschool, I am stoked. Strangers who randomly sent their gratefulness for something I wrote or filmed that encouraged them to take a step forward still are the best blessing a blogger can receive. 

It means that I was heard. 

People, in fact, listened to me. 

A nobody. But to these readers, I was somebody.

I take this passion and purpose seriously. I am cautious of the words that I share because I know that someone’s reading. And words are powerful. It can build or destroy.

Writing via this website and Over a Cup of Hot Cocoa.

This year, I made a significant change on my social media accounts and created another blog site. In my new platform, I am writing for subjects that are close to my heart. As I feel that this resonates with a lot of mothers: self-care and self-development. 

From a passion for writing to preserve me to writing purposefully to inspire mothers, I continually transform into a person that the higher power is calling me to become. No, I am not a nobody. I am somebody.


  1. Very inspiring mommy kat ...
    We need to explore everything and pushed ourself outside of our comport zone pra mas makilala natin ang sarili natin at mailabas yung natatago nting kakayahan..
    And you inspired me so much po..

    1. Thank you so much! Yes po, we need to get out of our comfort zone. It's the only way we can grow and see the possibilities. :)

  2. Napakatagal niyo na po palang blogger kahit wala pa po kayong pamilya. Nakaka inspire ang mga tulad niyo po na magpatuloy mangarap kahit na nagimg nanay ka na. Na yung passion niyo dati bago mag karoon ng asawa at mga anak eh magagawa pa rin kahit nasa bahay at nag aalaga ng pamilya..

    1. Thanks mommy. Dapat po talaga kahit tayo ay mga magulang na, huwag natin kalimutang alagaan ang ating sarili, kasama na doon ay ang patuloy sa pag-abot ng mga pangarap.

  3. So inspiring, ❤️,we can do everything ,it's just a matter of perseverance


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