Homeschool Curriculum Choices for Grade 5 | SY 2021-2022

We started another school year. As of writing, we are about to enter the 6th week of our academic year.

From getting almost all books from the homeschool provider last school year, we have opted not to get our textbooks from the homeschool provider this school year. We only bought 2 textbooks from Peniel this year: HELE and Writing. While 2 of their recommended textbooks were directly bought from the publisher. We bought the Tagalog version of the textbook for Sibika, and Math for All from Vibal. However, as I have noticed, the flow of the textbook we directly bought has some differences from the curriculum roadmap that the provider gave. But that's okay.

Here's a video of the curriculum choices we have for grade 5. We may still add more materials and will give updates on our IG account.