Mommy Musings on April 9

Another day has gone and here I am still awake at 12 midnight. I am not doing anything special except for sitting on the bed, while the kids sleep, and me on my phone trying to figure out what to do next. Why?

Late Night Battles

In the past weeks I have felt loosing my creative writing juices. A lot of times I'd write 2-3 paragraphs and stop there.

I don't feel inspired enough to write.

A part of me feels that no one would even want to read what I write. What impact can I make of this world? How can I be an instrument to be a catalyst of change? Who am I to inspire others? I am not equipped enough.

And my list goes on.

After the chores are done and the kids are asleep, I stay up late at night to read or watch videos on business and personal development. These and many other things, I think, can help me "equip" myself to reaching my goals. But with the many goals I have in mind for this year, I am all over the place.

Have you ever felt you are stuck into doing nothing - even though you have so much to do -because you are being held back by the very things you are supposed to do? Because that's where I am now. 

There's so much going on in my head. And I need to clear things up.

The Game Plan

Earlier I watched a video of Dan Lok about making goals. It was a good one and reminded me to list down up to the very important detail on how I can execute my plans and achieve my goals. It also pointed to realize your priority goals which I haven't taken in consideration hence the all-over-the-place situation.

One of my goals now is to write more. I have thought of starting a 30-day blogging challenge to get my grooves back. But after seeing the list of topics available on the net I hesitated  because those topics do not reflect of what this blog is about. I do not want to lose the personality of this website just because I need to work on a skill. Hence I have decided to write whenever I can with topics that align with my blog's branding. I may not be able to do a 30-day blog challenge, but I am willing to do a three article per week challenge. That is attainable. And if I feel like writing everyday but with a topic not necessarily related to my blog's niche, I can always use my social media accounts as medium.

Enough with reflections. It's time to rest this restless brain.


Do you also do late-night reflections of your life?


  1. Ganyan din ako momshie ako naman nagiisip ng pwedeng pagkakitaan para makatulong sa asawa ko. Stay athome mom ako at si hubby minimum wag earner kaya masasabi kong medyo kapos kami. Nagiipon kami para makapag patayo ng sari sati store para kahit papano may other income

    1. Maganda yan, momma. OO isa din yan sa mga iniisip nating mga nanay sa gabi kung paano tayo makakatulong financially.


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